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Eric Andre: Yeah, on an extended timetable. Neither is easy even though. Stand-up is equally as difficult—if no longer more durable and greater frustrating—than hidden-digicam work. I’m in a place now where I’d tons fairly do hidden digicam work than stand-up.

Are you planning to head again to stand-up once things open again up?

Eric Andre: Nah, I’m unwell of it. I did my special, I’m accomplished. It’s sufficient. It’s the medium that obtained me on my feet and helped me locate my aspect of view comedically, nonetheless it’s a medium that takes a big volume of labor and late nights and lots of placing out. I’d reasonably work on television and movie. And i like my elegance sleep.

And smoking that Indica on the end of the day.

Eric Andre: Smoke that Indica—shout out 710 Labs—booyakasha!

while shooting “dangerous trip,” did cannabis play a role in the back of the scenes?

Eric Andre: I feel it weaves in and out of all of our lives, yeah, though my favourite drug of all time—and that i’ve finished all of them—is coffee with the aid of a long way. Caffeine is the finest drug. There’s a Michael Pollan booklet on caffeine, where he talks concerning the results and the way it’s essentially the most wide-spread psychoactive drug. I owe my career to espresso. Every single line of debate or any kind of comedic writing – my coffee [holds up cup] is correct by my side. There’s no hangover, no crash, and that i heard coffee has so many antioxidants that coffee drinkers basically live longer and are happier. Thank God the DEA hasn’t made caffeine a time table one drug.

how many cups per day?

Eric Andre: as a result of my insomnia, I are attempting and cap it at two. If I drink too many or too late in the day, I’m toast.

I ate an suitable for eating final nighttime, so I’m doing a little little bit of additional espresso today as a result of…I wager it’s a weed hangover, but to me, a hangover has a terrible connotation as a result of a hangover from alcohol seems like shit. With a weed “hangover,” I nonetheless suppose smartly-rested, just more in a foggy daze. So the espresso coming off a weed gummy evening – that espresso is perfect.

right, a weed “hangover” is extra of a weed “fog.”

Eric Andre: The fog i like, after which the espresso with the fog is the ideal aggregate. There’s a yin-yang to espresso and weed. My buddy Rob Cantrell—a really funny comic—had a funny story about this that went, “I smoke weed all day and i drink espresso all day. It’s the poor man’s speedball.” There’s no more advantageous drug than caffeine. It’s the least controversial, too.

I say “decriminalize all medication” and americans are like, “What do you imply?! You desire everyone to go out and smoke crystal meth?” The truth is, if all medication were decriminalized, I wouldn’t smoke crack or shoot a ton of heroin day after today—i would in no way smoke crack or shoot heroin—however [I could, just as] I could go to rite support at this time, buy 50 bottles of Jack Daniels, drink them all in one sitting and die. However I’m not going to. I may die snowboarding or using a motorbike, but I’m no longer going to ski or journey a bike, and if I ever did ride a motorcycle, I’d be responsible and secure and wear a helmet. But I’m getting on my high horse over right here. Coffee is the finest drug on the planet.

espresso and booze are the most purchasable, too.

Eric Andre: I simply watched the Ken Burns documentary about alcohol prohibition. Alcohol prohibition is a microcosm of drug prohibition, where the simplest two businesses the warfare on drugs assist are the DEA and drug cartels, two of essentially the most violent and bad companies in the Western Hemisphere. Alcohol prohibition gave upward push to the violent mafias and mob bosses since the pre-prohibition small time crimes guys had been in a position to flip to larger crime through bootlegging booze and made a fortune doing it, all as a result of individuals rejected prohibition.

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All I Need Is Coffee And My Camera Poster

in case you ban something, you trigger americans to make it illegally at domestic. If you make it illegally at domestic, it’s reduce with things like poison and paint thinners for these witch-brew concoctions, and as a result the war on medication may also be a lot more unhealthy than the drug itself as a result of individuals have a herbal want for altered states.




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