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Stephanie: [00:13:36] I just I, I get up to form of the dazzling variety of run-stroll, the ringing remains there and i’m in fact disoriented, however I, I start moving and i get to the place I’m going, probably about 440 yards away. And that i stopped myself and that i take three deliberate, in fact large breaths simply to calm myself down, attempting to persuade myself [00:14:00] like this isn’t as huge of a deal as your mind simply made it. Like you should go lower back and simply examine the circumstance and spot if i will go back down the mountain against my dad. So that they go lower back to this hearth spot and before i will get too close. The place I had simply been laying down became now absolutely on hearth.

i noticed I simply went from surviving, you understand, a near lightning strike to now I’ve obtained a wooded area hearth it’s rapidly deciding upon up velocity. So I bolt once again and that i flip around and that i go returned the style that I had simply been climbing and that i run for a complete mile straight. And the total time I’m running I’m considering, okay, I don’t know that much about fires. Like, do I get off the path and go round this [00:15:00] hearth? Who is aware of what is on the other aspect? Or if I get off trail, am I going to get lost? Am I going to be in an extra kind of search and rescue situation? If I keep running, do I run all the way? To where i will get to the closest source of water. Like, am i able to truly outrun a woodland hearth? I really, truly reflected this and notion about it. And for me, the reply turned into no. Working all the approach to this supply of water turned into dangerous for me as a result of that blood drive of mine, the greater I’m lively, the extra that’s going to be drained. And then I stood there and i notion.

Am I actually inclined to get caught in a forest hearth when I actually have a call for help, correct with this spot GPS that I had. And i really, truly had to consider complicated about this. If I, if I [00:16:00] push this button, you be aware of, Greg at domestic, my husband is only going to be fully worried unwell. And also you understand, I truly needed to ask myself, am I in a existence or loss of life condition right here?

And do I in reality push this button and overwhelmingly it changed into yes. You understand, I pulled again to the black flap this is on the spot GPS and i just held down that button.

Stephanie’s Husband: [00:16:29] So i used to be outdoor with the children and that i had my cell with me and i see that I, there changed into a call coming in from Texas.

Host: [00:16:37] That’s Greg, once again, Stephanie’s husband.

Stephanie’s Husband: [00:16:40] They stated, you recognize, here’s spot GPS. We have you ever listed because the emergency contact. Is that this Greg and, um, you know, most likely instantly my, my coronary heart sank as a result of i was like, what, what came about?

What’s happening? And that they just knew that it had been activated. So I’ll [00:17:00] admit that i was in a little bit of denial, appropriate. Because the contract was all right. You’re best going to hit that in case you’re severely injured, um, was it a damaged leg? Had she passed out? Become it her, you understand, her pacemaker, her heart, a bear, you recognize, there’s in fact lots of alternate options that I had.

The fireplace become now not in fact not one of them lightning strike, uh, that wasn’t some of the alternatives. So, you know, I ran lower back inside and seemed. At the online map and it confirmed the place she’d hit the spot GPS. And, you be aware of, by way of taking a look at that, i was in a position to examine that her dad in fact wasn’t very far away.

Host: [00:17:40] Greg reasoned that if he could get involved with Stephanie’s dad, Rick, that he could be in a position to get to Stephanie tons sooner than search and rescue.

Or buy here : And Into The Mountain I Go To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul Poster

And Into The Mountain I Go To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul Poster

Stephanie’s Husband: [00:17:48] If anyone can get there quickly, it’s going to be him. So. I started calling my father-in-law, however what I found was there became [00:18:00] no service. So I known as and referred to as and called and referred to as and texted, texted no provider. Um, I called my partner’s mother, who is in Southern Utah at the time. And, you recognize, asked her, have you ever talked to Rick?




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