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“I simply love what I do. As long as I’m in a position to communicate and be capable of put three coherent sentences collectively, i am gonna teach.”

instructing college students

When Jackie Santos isn’t performing, he is a professor of percussion. He’s been teaching for over 23 years and knowledgeable successful students such as Daniel Platzman from think about Dragons and Gloria Estefan’s daughter, Emily.

He teaches the eight bullet aspects to becoming a a success percussionist: think, time, finesse, contact, interpretation, and each notice with soul, attitude and personality. “It’s not ever what you play, it’s all the time how you play it,” he brought.

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That’s how Jackie Santos knows when he’s hearing an outstanding drummer – notably when it comes to his son. “He’s in reality, with out question, one of the vital best drummers in New England,” Jackie Santos opined. “And that’s now not because he is my son, as a result of every thing I teach, he has.”

Following his father to the right

Joaquin Santos lives in Fairhaven the place he says he practices 4 to five times every week, however then goes to his father’s residence in Acushnet to follow as smartly. Apart from physical practising, he says it’s all about getting in the intellectual headspace.

“now and again rehearsing too lots can break things as a result of magic comes from being spontaneous,” he spoke of. “i’ll take heed to the song or just vision myself playing the songs on stage and how i am going to react in definite sections of the music. You got to create rhythm inside your intellect and body.”

Joaquin Santos tours with a number of bands across New England. He’s shared the stage with performers corresponding to Grammy-Award winner, Tiny Tavares, Frank Wilkins and Jeff Lockhart. Joaquin Santos centered, Joaquin Santos and pals, a personal experience band that aspects Santos on drums fidgeting with a slew of professional musicians across the nation.

“i’m very concentrated when taking part in, however i’m also taking note of different musicians as a result of i’m thinking to myself, ‘What can i play to make the track believe stronger?’” he noted. “Being disciplined on a drum set, and doing less, figuring out that much less creates more of a groove and more feeling, is how I see it.”

Like his father, Santos also teaches. He taught for three-years at FRAA Arts Academy in Fall River. Now, he owns a non-public follow, Jackie’s Drums, instructing in every single place the SouthCoast. In 2019, Santos received the Cape Verdean awareness Award in New Bedford.

Santos was currently counseled through Zildjian, the biggest cymbal and drumstick manufacturer on the earth. Santos participated in 4 important international photoshoots. He additionally has a new band, “The Dope Lotus,” which that you may find on Spotify and Itunes.

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Average Band With A Great Drummer Sounds Great Poster

Jackie Santos observed he couldn’t be prouder of his son. “The other day, I noticed him play, and yes it was ideal enjoying,” Jackie Santos pointed out. “I do not need approached the gig any different than what he just did.”




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