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    i do know that i am probably embarrassing myself right now, performing like baked oatmeal is a few strange new culinary introduction that’s simply now making waves, however please indulge me as I gush about how discovering this primary meal for myself has impacted my life in a large manner (and my view of oatmeal in time-honored).

    The process

    one of the crucial greatest draws of baked oatmeal, other than the act of eating it, is that it’s extremely fundamental to make.

    Most baked oats recipes birth with the identical base components: oats (duh), half of a banana, an egg, a little bit of baking powder, a pinch of salt, milk (or milk replace), and some variety of sweetener (I invariably use slightly of maple syrup). Then, you mix it all up and pour it into an oven-secure bowl. From that base, that you would be able to construct — add in some chocolate chips, fruit, something crunchy, or something else you desire. The possibilities are countless. You also can add to your initial blended mixture — I actually like to throw in a scoop of peanut butter and some vanilla extract, however that you could get artistic with it. As long because it blends, all bets are off.

    After you’re executed with the setup, pop it into your oven for roughly 20 minutes at 350 degrees. As soon as it cools, your baked oats are able to devour after you’re taking a photograph and publish it to TikTok or Instagram for your entire chums to look. Bask in their glory.

    Making baked oatmeal definitely takes a bit of longer than mixing some boiling water and your Quaker Oats packet of choice, however the conclusion product is absolutely price the time beyond regulation. If you’re anything like me, it could possibly become type of a enjoyable daily ritual similar to making a pretty good cup of espresso.

    Now, the procedure of constructing baked oatmeal has develop into a staple in my morning pursuits. Popping on some tunes, assembling my elements, and watching the blend upward push in the oven is a nearly meditative journey for me at this aspect.

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    Bake It Till You Make It Poster


    you might be likely wondering how they taste. It depends upon which recipe you go for, however for me, very nearly each i tried came out tasting first-rate (not to brag or the rest). My go-to baked oatmeal recipe is this chocolate peanut butter concoction — it makes me think like i’m consuming cake for breakfast, but like, fit cake. I have it at least three days out of any given week.




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