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energetic BIOTECH: note of ANNUAL regularly occurring assembly OF SHAREHOLDERS

The shareholders of energetic Biotech AB (publ) are invited to the Annual conventional assembly of shareholders to be held on Wednesday, may 19, 2021. As a result of the condition as a result of the Corona virus, the assembly may be carried out via boost vote casting (postal balloting) pursuant to brief legislation. No meeting with the opportunity to attend in adult or to be represented by way of a proxy will take location. ENTITLEMENT TO take part and spot Shareholders who want to take part in the meeting have to (i) be recorded within the register of shareholders maintained by way of Euroclear Sweden AB on Monday, may also 10, 2021, and (ii) notify the enterprise of their intention to attend the assembly no later than Tuesday, can also 18, 2021 by way of casting its increase vote based on the directions under the heading “advance balloting” beneath in order that the increase voting kind is obtained via the enterprise no later than that day. In an effort to be entitled to participate in the meeting, shareholders whose shares are registered in the identify of a nominee ought to, apart from asserting their intention to take part within the assembly, request that their shares be registered in their own identify in order that the shareholder is recorded within the register of shareholders as of 10 may additionally 2021. Such registration may well be transient (so-referred to as vote casting rights registration) and request for such registration can be made to the nominee based on the nominee’s routines at such time in boost as prescribed by using the nominee. Balloting rights registrations which have been made no later than the second banking day after 10 may 2021 may be taken into account when making ready the percentage register. There are 217,971,720 shares and votes in lively Biotech. The enterprise holds no treasury shares. Strengthen vote casting The shareholders can also pastime their vote casting rights on the assembly by way of vote casting in improve, so called postal voting in accordance with area 22 of the Act (2020:198) on transient exceptions to facilitate the execution of shareholders’ meetings in agencies and other associations. A different form shall be used for boost voting. The kind is attainable on the enterprise’s web site www.Activebiotech.Com. The enhance vote casting form is regarded because the notification of attendance to the meeting. The completed voting form ought to be submitted to the business no later than Tuesday, may additionally 18, 2021. The completed form shall be despatched to energetic Biotech AB (publ), Attn: Susanne Jönsson, Scheelevägen 22, SE-223 63 Lund, Sweden (mark the envelope “Annual standard meeting”). A completed form can also also be submitted electronically to susanne.Jonsson@activebiotech.Com. If the shareholder votes in boost via proxy, a power of attorney will probably be enclosed to the form. Proxy types are supplied on the enterprise’s web site, www.Activebiotech.Com, and despatched to shareholders that so request. If the shareholder is a legal entity, an authorized replica of a registration certificate or corresponding document indicating the licensed signatories of the prison entity might be enclosed to the form. The shareholder may no longer qualify the advance vote with particular guidance or circumstances. In that case, the vote is invalid in its entirety. Further directions and prerequisites is protected in the form for boost voting. PROPOSED AGENDA 1. Election of Chairman of the assembly 2. Election of 1 or two persons to determine the minutes three. Instruction and approval of the vote casting record 4. Approval of the agenda for the meeting 5. Resolution of even if the assembly has been duly convened 6. Presentation of the Annual record and the Auditors’ document, and the Consolidated money owed and the Auditors’ document for the Group7. Decision about the adoption of the income commentary and the balance Sheet, and the Consolidated revenue statement and the Consolidated balance Sheet8. Resolution about the disposition of the enterprise’s consequences pursuant to the adopted steadiness Sheet9. Resolution on discharge from liability of the contributors of the Board of administrators and the CEO 10. Resolution of the number of individuals and alternate contributors of the Board of directors and the variety of auditors and alternate auditors eleven.

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Be A Mermaid And Make Waves Poster


Decision of expenses payable to the Board of directors and auditor12. Election of the Board of directors, Chairman of the Board and auditor a) re-election of Michael Shalmi b) re-election of Uli Hacksell c) re-election of Peter Thelin d) re-election of Axel Glasmacher e) re-election of Aleksandar Danilovski f) re-election of Elaine Sullivan g) re-election of Michael Shalmi as chairman of the board h) re-




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