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As we get used to broadening our horizons, it be worth noting one of the herbal experiences we are able to soak up while jogging across the county. In Strandhill these days, we caught up with Michael Bell, whose website NatureLearn.Com, has been chargeable for plenty of the information we see about flora and fauna on signage throughout the county.

s part of Trailgazers, a new initiative aimed toward growing broader attention of our walks, we requested Michael to highlight one of the vital leading attractions and sounds we will come across on the Killaspugbrone Looped trail.

This trail starts at the cannon in Strandhill, heading north past the caravan park, on in the course of the dunes that hug the coastline, and the ruins of Killaspugbrone Church. From there, or not it’s past a gorgeous crescent shaped beach, then in the course of the woods towards Dorrins Strand, skirting the airport runway earlier than returning to the starting aspect by means of the leading road.

Michael says that, even on this brief looped walk, there is a great deal for nature enthusiasts to take in at diverse times of the year. And instead of considering of walking completely as an recreation, we may trust the plant and animal life that inhabit this enviornment, and, in keeping with Michael, this may heighten our experience of the value and vulnerability of our atmosphere.

“there’s a lot of range to the flora and fauna as neatly because the vegetation along this walk,” he says. “All along that shoreline, which is terribly dynamic when it comes to changing landscapes, nature has had to adapt over many years, and the physical alterations have additionally resulted in the creatures dwelling right here having to adapt to survive.”

All alongside this exposed shoreline, the dune gadget is at all times changing. “lower back in the 19th century, marram grass was planted substantially right here to assist keep the dunes.

however in spite of the fact that individuals might see huge alterations in the dune device, this is whatever thing it really is always going on. So, whereas coastal erosion is linked with climate change, right here in Strandhill, the alterations are doubtless going on all the time.

As many individuals understand, Killaspugbrone Church is likely one of the most incredible locations on this stroll. Decades in the past, this area accounted for a small village, however with the alterations of the dunes gadget, the inhabitants eventually moved additional up the coast or inland, so a changing dune system is nothing new right here.

Michael is Chair of the Sligo branch of Birdwatch ireland, and while the actions of the group had been curtailed due to the pandemic, he hopes that they might be capable of arrange container journeys in the summer.

He says that there is loads of chook life in the area, and that at present of year, special consideration should be paid to nesting birds.

“Some birds like meadow pipets and skylarks are floor nesting, and may frequently nest simply a brief distance from the paths on this trail. So it be critical in case you hear a chicken in distress, that you simply needless to say you may well be close to a nest. It be additionally definitely vital for americans to keep their dogs on a lead and not to allow them to roam, chiefly round nesting time,” he says.

light bellied brent geese are a typical sight in Strandhill, besides the fact that children they will almost immediately begin a protracted event far from these shores. “They migrate here within the Autumn, but will head off to the excessive Arctic Tundra in the subsequent whereas, a great journey if you want to deliver them the entire option to Canada,” Michael says.

As we skirt the conclusion of the airport runway, the direction veers right towards Killaspugbrone Church, where a meadow of wild flora is a standard and exquisite sight each summer time.

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Bee What A Wonderful World Poster


“or not it’s nonetheless a bit of early to look these, however in June and July, make sure to be able to see flowers like pyramidal or bee orchids, a great spectacle,” he says.

besides the fact that children he provides that whereas these floral shows are there for all and sundry to enjoy, be sure to look and not decide upon.




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