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    Exactly. And you know it’s sweet. Victory is sweet when you’re old, and you’re like, “Wow, this happened.” By the way, I don’t even know if what I’m professing is bullshit. It’s like, maybe what I’m saying is wrong. Maybe you should quit and go do something else. You know what I mean, like, “I actually was right!” for once.

    Even this movie here with Boss Level having gone through some delays in the studio change and all of that. What is it like finally getting to see this come out after the labor of love that you’ve had to put into this to finally get to see this coming out on Hulu next month?

    Yeah, I mean, to me, it could not have had a better ending. Given the circumstances that we’ve been in over the last year — this is a movie we tried to make nine, ten years ago, and then we thought, aw, we can’t get a break. Then finally we did make the movie and it went from 43 days to 27 days we had to make it. So we’re like, we can’t get a break. And then we sometimes didn’t have enough money to finish something, and, we can’t get a break. And then COVID happens and we lose our distribution, we can’t get a break right?!

    Guess what. Now, we’re partnering with Hulu. Hulu buys the movie. They’re distributing the movie all over the United States and North America. They’re putting billboards up, they’re doing great advertising. Because of COVID, there are no more movie theaters. We’re gonna have more eyes on this movie than we would ever have had. So guess what, we did get a break. But if you give up along that way, this movie could have been in the trash bin somewhere. I don’t know, right? It could have just as easily fallen apart, but [Joe] Carnahan and I did not quit. We knew we had something that was watchable, you know? And it turned out like the movie gods were on our side from the beginning.

    Something that I really enjoyed, I think this is gonna be really good from the streaming aspect. Because when I’m looking for something to watch, I don’t often have two and a half hours for like a Tenet, or whatever. Like if I’m trying to watch a movie at 9 p.M on a weeknight, I don’t want something that’s ending at midnight. And I love these action movies that are in that 90 to 100 minute window. They’re fun, they’re to the point. Is that something that y’all were going for with this?

    Yeah. So we started our company with a movie called Wheelman, which is basically me in a car for 88 minutes. It’s nonstop from beginning to end. And it was a big hit for Netflix. It was our first movie we made as our company, War Party. And that’s when the light went off. And our mission statement is to make these kind of movies, elevated action genre, and make them for a reasonable budget. And just put people at rest for 80-90 minutes, so we’re … you know in Tenet, I was watching Tenet, brilliant movie, but I got lost! I’m like, you know what, I don’t want to think this much! It’s too much! I want something a little mindless.

    Right and there’s sometimes you just want that. Like it’s one of the reasons you go back and you watch the same sitcom that you’ve watched before. It’s kind of the same idea.

    How many times would Die Hard come on, that you watch from where it is, man? It’s because I can sit back, I could stop thinking, and it entertains me.

    Or buy here : Boxing I hate every minute of training but i said don’t quit poster

    Boxing I hate every minute of training but i said don’t quit poster

    When you’re putting a movie like that together obviously you have things that you have to kind of tell the audience but you also have to trust your audience to get what you’re doing, right? Because you’re gonna tell the story, you’re gonna give them snippets of like, for five minutes we’re gonna explain the Osiris thing, but you don’t need 40 minutes of storytelling necessarily.




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