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The CompuBox stats help Farhood’s card. Don’t downplay the data. They support paint a transparent graphic which is that Broner struggled in his return bout.

The difference is that Broner’s grotesque feedback this time around come from an additional region. They are protecting and disguising. I believe that Broner is damage by criticism today the place he would have paid no attention to it in 2012. Phrases harm him. The fact hurts him.

all through the media conference before the Santiago combat, Broner talked honestly with me for a few minutes. He became burnt out from boxing but also burnt out from his culture. Yes, tons of it truly is his own doing, however he has reached out for help in his own manner.

Broner has made suicidal feedback on dissimilar occasions by the use of social media. It became a cry for support then, however I’m afraid that these laments have gone unheeded. Broner has gained knowledge through the years, and at 31 years ancient, he is aware of that he can’t continue his self-destructive habits devoid of critical penalties.

Broner sees boxing as his remedy. It’s his answer to staying out of main issue. He advised me that after the Santiago fight.

“in the event that they don’t get me in the ring, I’ll f**okay round and get more cases, bro,” stated Broner. “I don’t recognize. Challenge simply find me by some means. The handiest approach I stay out of drawback is if I’m training. I don’t understand why God bought my life set up like this. I just are trying to make the better of it. Presently, I’m in a intellect state to stay focused on boxing, and as long as i will be able to do this, I’ll stay out of hindrance.”

His feedback had been a quasi denial and half act of contrition. Broner does know how he gets into concern to a level. Broner changed into straight with me and admitted that he likes to drink and party too plenty. These components are ingredients to his problems. Broner acknowledges that and is attempting to do something to alternate his direction.

but i ponder if he can totally assist himself. Does Broner have severe mental health concerns that require medicine? I think so, and he might also now not even see it or be healthy satisfactory to respect it. His outdated threats of self-damage are extreme and require urgent consideration. I’m not part of Broner’s inner circle. Perhaps he has sought medication. I hope he has.

Broner is a father, a husband, a person with a heart, and maybe he needs some compassion and suggestions. He’s achieved a whole lot of issues incorrect, however probably he needs someone to assist in making issues correct.

Kemper’s steps toward restoration

these days, the area Surf League released the primary episodes of a six-part docu-sequence directed through Layne Stratton on some of the premiere recoveries in activities background.

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Boxing Is Cheaper Than Therapy Poster


the primary a number of episodes introduce Kemper, his family, and his upward thrust to being arguably the most excellent large-wave surfer on earth. It runs throughout the strike mission to Morocco the place he, Luke Davis, and Koa Smith rating returned-to-again swells of large appropriate tubes except Kemper goes over the handlebars in a heavy barrel and straight right into a rock. They get him to a sanatorium, the place he fights for life and at last boards a clinical flight out of Morocco. Then comes the drama of the WSL making an attempt to get him again into the states because the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down the realm.



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