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    Lynnea Hawkins of Lewiston is a member of the Mainers for fitness Care management team that helped circulate Medicaid expansion in 2017. Opportunity Isazu of Bangor is gaining knowledge of international reports and social work at the college of Maine in Augusta.

    As two people who’ve experienced the ache and fear of going with out health care once we definitely vital it, and who have labored to get greater within your means take care of all Mainers, we were moved through Gov. Janet Mills’ fresh observation maintaining the need to “make fitness care greater good value and obtainable.” She mentioned we can make “Maine a spot the place all people are welcome and can have good-paying jobs with the intention to lift satisfied and healthy households and are living a decent existence.”

    We couldn’t agree greater, which is why we’re counting on her to help LD 718, as a way to restoration MaineCare (Maine’s Medicaid software) for immigrants who call this state their home. Although the Legislature supported health care for immigrants on a bipartisan foundation between 1996 and 2011, it changed into stripped away all the way through the LePage years. Today, thousands of immigrants live, work, and make a contribution taxes in our communities but are shut out of Maine’s health care system as a result of the excessive can charge of care, and their immigration repute.

    Our two studies are like many throughout Maine, and they demonstrate why low in cost fitness care is indispensable for every person, no be counted our earnings, immigration repute, race, or historical past. Whereas neither of us is greater “deserving” of entry to health care, one in all us is eligible for MaineCare as a low-revenue Mainer whereas the different is not — primarily based totally on our location of start.

    Don’t Talk To Me I’m Counting Poster

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    Dividing care along immigration lines is unfair, hurts households and makes no feel for public health, something possibility has viewed as a now-22-yr-old scholar who migrated to the USA at 14. Migrating to a further nation and the concern of the unknown may cause intellectual health concerns. Possibility, a eco-friendly card holder, had MaineCare unless the age of 21, however abruptly misplaced it because of immigration popularity. Probability turned into blindsided with the unknown of a way to treat mental disease with out medical care and had to bypass treatment or take less to get through.




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