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Mar. 31—Coming from a racing household, Santa Maria native Bryce Eames has been handling lightning-quick racecars due to the fact that he was 3 years historic.

Now 16, Eames has promptly risen through the ranks of aggressive dash motor vehicle racing and might be on the precipice of his massive wreck.

Eames is relocating up a further category, taking on a dash car that properties a 360-cubic inch V8 powerplant. The St. Joseph excessive faculty pupil has lots of event racing micro or mini sprint vehicles powered by using 600-cc motorcycle engines, but now has a group and a car ready to tackle the 360 type.

Eames is slated to drive in a 360 race Friday at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville and hopes to profit some experience driving a 410 vehicle, the strongest classification of sprint vehicle racing, at some aspect this 12 months.

closing weekend, Eames bought some tune time on the Santa Maria Speedway to dial in this new 360 automobile he’ll be driving in Watsonville. Porras Motorsports has stepped in to help give a motor vehicle and device for a group that has lengthy been operating thanks to local guide from businesses like V. Lopez Jr. & Sons, C&D Bonding and Toste Paving.

On Saturday, Eames changed into ripping across the speedway direction within the 360 automobile that pumps out about seven hundred-800 horsepower and weighs virtually 1,200 kilos. The motor vehicle can reach speeds of as much as a hundred and twenty mph on the dust music and can attain 150 mph on some longer tracks. Eames drove like a seasoned pro notwithstanding it was just his 2nd time within the motor vehicle.

“I’ve gotten a lot more relaxed in the car from the first time i was behind the wheel,” Eames pointed out Saturday. “i was feeling the vigor out and adjusting — the energy-to-weight ratio is a whole lot distinctive. I was hunting for some decent grooves on the song, gaining knowledge of little issues here and there. I’ve learned an awful lot in just a couple weeks.”

notwithstanding nonetheless in excessive school, Eames has an expert outlook on what it’s like to be a aggressive driver.

“The butterflies hit you should you’re on the tune and understand there may be 30 or forty other guys going for a similar issue you might be going for: to win,” Eames says of his race-day mentality. “once you get within the motor vehicle and strap the helmet on, all that goes away and you just turn into a driver. Or not it’s all natural instinct from there. You do not think about it, you simply smash the gasoline and go. I am a really concentrated man on the racetrack, or not it’s like flipping a change should you get within the automobile, it be an animal and you have to be for your online game the entire time.”

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Tom Eames, Bryce’s father, changed into the one who first put Bryce in a racecar all these years in the past.

“i’m a very proud dad, I’ve watched him come up the ranks,” Tom says. “Do I get knots in my abdominal when goes around the tune? Yes, specially when he gets in a damage. But i am simply proud of seeing him go this a long way. He is residing our dream.”

Tom says Bryce’s main intention is to tour with the world of Outlaws sooner or later and “he is headed that approach now,” Tom mentioned. “we have now received people to again us up and help us get to the subsequent degree.”

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Every Thing Will Kill You So Choose Something Fun Motorcycle Car Racing Poster


Tom Eames says the pinnacle of the activity is to tour with the realm of Outlaws, a collection that races all over the area.

“here is the massive soar right here,” Tom says. “Then going to the 410 is the bigger leap. Expectantly we will be operating a 410 race right here in Santa Maria.”




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