Golden Retriever I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Dog Poster


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Lauren thinks dock diving is a little like a tailgate, with loud crowds cheering on athletes (but four-legged as a substitute of two). Comparatively, Barn Hunt is quiet and calm.

They practiced for month earlier than their first trial, and even though Bauer was anxious, he completed the problem in below a minute.

“We went in and he simply killed it,” she says. “That changed into a real competitor. That’s one of the crucial most useful things about him. And that i didn’t consider it would be like that, but he went in and he just did every little thing I requested him to do and it simply went tremendous smartly.”

Bauer received second in his first Barn Hunt trial — second handiest to their coach.

Bauer’s no longer a dog park dog. He’s no longer a cafe patio dog. However he is a dog athlete — and now a Dog superstar.

that you can Get all started in Dog sports Too!

any individual can get beginning in dog sports: it’s more convenient than you suppose!

Lauren started researching about dog activities by using following native and country wide dog athletes on Instagram and asking them questions. Now, she shares her journey with Bauer on Instagram and makes competencies about dog activities available to all and sundry.

Like Lauren, that you would be able to birth learning by way of following other athlete’s journeys or by beginning your own experience with a local coach, membership or mentor. You’ll be taught a great deal simply by using attending trials and observing.

“I consider a lot of people are frightened to do [dog sports] since it’s very intimidating,” Lauren says. Her tips? Give it a shot!

“there is a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in sports. Despite the fact that you’re simply competing along with your dog, people are in reality supportive when you variety of put your self available.”

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Golden Retriever I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Dog Poster

Lauren additionally advises trying out diverse dog activities to look which ones your dog enjoys ultimate.

“You’re by no means truly going to understand what your dog’s going to cling to, except you are trying it. I by no means notion Bauer would excel in dock diving. However he actually adored it. He excels in it. It is barely very herbal for him to do it. And that i would’ve on no account primary that if I hadn’t tried it.”

be a part of Lauren and



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