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although she was no longer allowed to dye her hair for a period of time in in excessive school because of her Catholic college’s constraints, Thomas fell in love with the coloring manner once more at Georgetown.

anyway giving college students an opportunity to fulfill childhood dreams or explore a new form of expression, other factors have an impact on the need to dye one’s hair. For Maaita, the fulfillment she feels after dyeing her hair, which stems from polishing her roots and feeling greater herself, is the driving drive in the back of the manner.

“There must be a second when my roots are grown out, where I suppose like i can’t go on looking like this. Dyeing my hair removes that feeling. I suppose like I’m going to turn into me again. My roots aren’t going to be grown out, and i’ll seem to be how I wish to look again,” Maaita noted in a Zoom interview with The Hoya.

The Hair-changing manner

step one in dyeing hair is identifying a colour, a decision that can also be made in minutes or months.

Bleaching is commonly a place to begin for Georgetown students hoping to dye their hair new, shiny shades. Then, new hairdo hopefuls ought to get a hold of a methodology: going to a salon, recruiting friends to support out, or taking on the dyeing solo.

Linh Truong (COL ’24) loves to dye her hair herself but prefers to have knowledgeable hairdresser habits the bleaching method earlier than including the colour at home.

“for the reason that I even have Asian hair, it’s definitely stubborn. To be able to lighten it, I all the time go to a salon as a result of I don’t have faith myself with bleach. But when it involves inserting colour on lightened hair, I do it myself because it’s enjoyable. It’s therapeutic. It’s first rate if you happen to are going through a intellectual breakdown,” Truong spoke of in a Zoom interview with The Hoya.

meanwhile, Younan prefers to do the total bleach and coloring method herself. While dyeing is an extended, meticulous procedure, Younan says she appears ahead to the excitement of altering her own hair.

“whereas dyeing my hair, I’m always excited. I don’t know the way to explain it. The planning beforehand, figuring out I’m going to dye it on a Friday, makes me in reality excited because i really like given that transformation. Notwithstanding I’ve executed this like 50 times, i like doing it,” Younan stated.

Truong finds that the involved dyeing manner makes it possible for her to let her mind wander from each day stresses and focus on whatever thing simultaneously labor intensive and artistic. When she paints the color on her already bleached hair, she enjoys the system.

“due to the fact dyeing your hair takes around an hour to observe, it simply offers you some time to consider — or now not think — about some thing else, about what you are stressed out about. It offers you whatever thing to be distracted and look forward to,” mentioned Truong.

The Intersection of id and Hair

for many Georgetown students, hairstyles exist as an extension of autonomy, proving that new cuts and colours can help heal internalized stigmas by means of offering an outlet for private expression. On the flip side, creative dye jobs include the risk of being stereotyped or underestimated.

Or buy here : Hairdresser I Can’t Change The World But I Can Change Your Hair Poster

Hairdresser I Can’t Change The World But I Can Change Your Hair Poster


there is a strong relationship between changing one’s hair and bodily autonomy, based on Truong. However her fogeys denied her requests to dye her hair for many years, Truong took manage when she grew to become 18.




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