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Bottle blonde. Excessive-protection, hair-frying Blondie blonde. I want the variety of hair that goes on tour, props up bars and springs home with stories.

I don’t point out it to anyone in case they are trying and stop me. Haven’t all of us had ample of being informed what now not to do by means of now? It’s my hair, I’ll dye it if I need to.

however what does my hairdresser want? It’s always a battle of wills — and today is no diverse.

I’ve long past to Francesca Dixon, inventive colour director at Hari’s Hairdressers, for her no-holds-barred method: she promises to provide me the superb bleach blonde the usage of highlights, child lights, balayage and ombre suggestions, however cautions it will take time. Two appointments’ price of time, six weeks aside.

as a result of my hair is naturally so dark, lifting the colour might be unpredictable and going too quickly could trigger hurt. To communicate the language of the pandemic, nowadays will mark the first stop on my roadmap to blonde.

Libby noted the results of 1 sitting turned into a great deal more desirable than she had anticipated and he or she’s booked in for her subsequent step. Pictured: Libby, after

As I believe the bleach tingle at the nape of my neck, moderate panic starts to rise. I swallow my concerns down with the luxury coffee Fran’s made for me.

It takes more than three hours to place foils through my hair, and a further hour for them to take effect and be washed out. I believe a bit like a turkey, smothered in tin foil below a rotating heat lamp, earlier than I’m rescued from my rotisserie chair.

My hair is then handled with reparative Olaplex, washed, trimmed, and blow dried — it’s no small job, but as I watch it dry from darkish to blonder and brighter, I’m amazed. Fran had been cautious about how a whole lot lighter we might be in a position to go in one sitting but the influence is a good deal greater than I’d anticipated.

I’ve already booked my subsequent cease on the roadmap to blonde — and after that, I might be in a position for my new rock chick life.

The ‘Over-It’ Overhaul at Hari’s contains a consultation, reduce and blow dry, shade and bespoke medication, from £200.

He gathered my hair into a ponytail and reduce the entire lot off!

through Imogen Edwards-Jones

Frankly, I even have all the time had unkempt locks; uncut, messy, dishevelled hair that hardly ever noticed a dryer or a comb or a pair of scissors.

i was a laid-lower back, brush-backwards variety of woman who was hoping to best the just-come-off-the-seashore with a tumbler of wine in hand seem.

So for me, in the beginning, lockdown become a breeze. It changed into the same historic haircare events, with even less care. But then the months all started to pall and the hair begun to dangle limply. It frizzed and frazzled. It went a stupid gray/blonde mix, like historic straw. I wore a hat. I gave the impression of a boiled egg.

Imogen Edwards-Jones stated her hair started to make her consider depressing in lockdown and she or he desperately desired improved hair. Pictured left: earlier than, correct: after

It changed into making me miserable — and to celebrate the extremely good unlocking, I desperately desired a new me with more desirable hair.

What more desirable message could I send than to have the entire lot cut off?

Step forward George Northwood, snipper to the celebrities.

truly, they don’t come more stellar than George, who was the best hairdresser glamorous satisfactory to be entrusted with Ms Markle’s tresses on the day of her actual wedding to Prince Harry.

I arrived in his smart salon with a photograph of my ideal picture of soignée success — a beautiful snap of Rosamund Pike’s razor-sharp silky clean bob.

happily, George turned into professional enough no longer to giggle. Ros has straight hair, he defined, not curly, wavy locks like mine. He didn’t say Ros is 25 years more youthful and a Hollywood superstar, however that is additionally real.

So we agree on some thing distinct — a uneven, jaunty bob that might take two many years off my age. Flicky, enjoyable, youthful. And with a great deal of blonde.

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Hairdresser Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair Poster


I sat in my chair, adjusted my dress, considering flicky, fun suggestions, while George’s assistant brushed my hair gathered it right into a ponytail and without delay cut the total lot off. What?! There was no going returned now.

Phoebe started working on the coloration. She folded hundreds of foils, getting rid of as plenty grey as she could, including added stripes by way of hand a little later.




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