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Mona Biswarupa Mohanty, whose love for art has taken her areas, has been bestowed upon the coveted 10-12 months Golden Visa by means of the UAE government.

Mohanty has been a UAE resident in view that 2007 and applied for the Golden Visa on the foundation of suggestions by means of a senior artist.

Little did she know that her application could be with ease authorized and she and her family unit of three would accept the visa.

“i’m honoured to have got the Golden Visa. These milestones in life mean an awful lot. They reassure you that if you follow your coronary heart and put coronary heart and soul, gradually you should be rewarded in more approaches than you could imagine,” Mohanty advised Khaleej instances over the phone.

“Receiving the Golden visa has reinforced my belief in myself and if this can encourage other young artists, i might consider that my biggest contribution. I listened to my heart and took this plunge and being rewarded for it tells me that when you comply with your ardour and give in your gold standard, first rate issues start happening to you,” she pointed out.

Mohanty is a fashion clothier and got here to the UAE in 2007 as a Lecturer for Manipal university in Dubai.

originally, she worked within the style business for eight years, and designed abayas for a sought after manufacturer.

Later, she quit her day job and determined to dedicate her time to painting.

“The inclusive and tolerant society of Dubai, the vibrant and blossoming cultural atmosphere and artwork scene here truly inspired me and rekindled my love for exceptional arts and made me recognise that artwork is my genuine calling,” she spoke of.

Mohanty has been conserving business along with her paint brushes and canvases in view that 2017. “it be like an everyday ritual for me,” she observed.

She explained her creative hobbies.

“My inventive cognizance took shape in childhood as I soaked in the herbal attractiveness and bright tradition of my birthplace, Odisha, in japanese India. My father is a poet and lyricist. His basic writing vogue impressed me a great deal. I draw my thought from my roots and also the subculture of the entire areas I have lived in. Nature, femininity and people tradition encourage me,” she delivered.

She maintains a visual log on Instagram, which additionally serves as a marketplace for her. She has more than eighty one,000 people following her Instagram page.

Or buy here : Her Soul Belongs To Garden And Flowers Every Time She’s Near Them She Is Home Poster

Her Soul Belongs To Garden And Flowers Every Time She’s Near Them She Is Home Poster


“i’m immensely grateful to the UAE that has given me so tons and taught me that one may also be innovative while nonetheless being connected to the roots. In fact, the deeper the connections together with your roots, the greater which you can soar. One’s way of life is one’s identity and your and my tradition together we kind the international way of life, which is like a brilliant patchwork.




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