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Whether she’s opening her heart to love, becoming more integral to her new community, supporting her Merriwick cousins, or helping her friends with renovations, Joy’s life is growing.

We caught up with Katherine Barrell to talk about all of it.

You’ve been getting a lot more material on Good Witch this season.

Yeah, it’s been great. It’s been really nice to see Joy’s storyline continue and find out more about her, especially about her past, which is coming up in this next episode.

What’s your favorite part of her journey so far?

I think her finding her father is obviously huge for her. And because of the circumstances of how he left, which we’ll learn more about, she felt really alone for a really long time. And when she lost her mom, she was a bit of a lone wolf and kind of traveled city to city and would fix up these houses and then moved on and never really settled.

And her choice to stay in Middleton is really a choice to embrace being in one place and surrendering and being vulnerable to loving people and getting her family back, and starting to find romance again.

I think just seeing her heal in that way has been really a wonderful part of her journey, and reconnecting with her father, who she never really knew what happened with him, is a huge part of that healing and the fact that he can tell her a lot more about why he left and explain all these unanswered questions provides a lot of healing for her.

So it’s been one of the nicest things to play on the show.

With what she’s learned, it was a defining experience for her — her father leaving and then her mother’s death. How did you think this is going to shape her going forward?

I think that it’s definitely going to take her a long time to process. I don’t think something as big as this that has really been so central to her whole identity in her life is going to go away overnight. But I think now that the healing can begin, it’s going to be really amazing to watch her let her guard down even more.

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I Am The Granddaughter Of The Witches That You Couldn’t Burn Poster

We started to see it when she chose to stay in Middleton with her family. And then we’ve seen it more when she’s now starting to date Zoe, little by little. Her dad coming back was a big piece of the puzzle where it’s just like the wall is coming down, brick by brick.

We’ll just see more vulnerability from her, more willingness to put her heart on the line because she’s not as afraid as she used to be about being left behind or being hurt because I think she had feelings of being abandoned.






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