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In a stretch of sea between Japan and Australia is a small island referred to as Hoilemondei. It is a fair nation, in more methods than one: it is eye-catching, with lush jungles, verdant pine forests, sweeping tundras, and untouched shorelines; and additionally it is only, a place the place both people and animals are handled equally and with admire. Most americans have never heard of Hoilemondei, however i am deeply general with its heritage, customs, and language. And that i be aware of its ruler neatly — he’s my 8-year-old son, Marlow, who situated the country practically a 12 months ago, just days after COVID-19 shut down colleges.

reckoning on his mood, the chief of Hoilemondei is a noble emperor, a power-hogging president, a limit-pushing best minister, a cranky dictator, or a bored king. His vogue of governance follows his temper, and his “people” — myself; my husband, Addie; and our 4-12 months-ancient daughter, Sydney — are now and again discipline to the vicissitudes of his fortune or frustration. And there has been loads of frustration.

remote getting to know has been a bust for us: Sitting down on the laptop for hours of Zoom courses just isn’t working for the king of Hoilemondei, who has drawback being still for longer than a few minutes at a time. He’d somewhat be baking ginger scones from random constituents rummaged from the pantry, developing a grappling hook out of twigs, analyzing the periodic desk, or attempting to implement a morning schedule for his little sister even as he ignores his personal. Pattern: “wake up, consume waffel, dress, brush enamel, bow to hoilemondei, go away for college.”

In contemporary months, we’ve been transitioning lower back to in-grownup college in our district (in Massachusetts, now not Hoilemondei), and Marlow is making respectable development. Nonetheless, he reminds us day by day, it’s now not fair — it’s no longer fair that he has to move to faculty when other kids get to dwell domestic. It’s no longer reasonable that he has to sit in type when his sister goes to an outdoor daycare the place there’s a coop filled with chickens, no longer to point out a cat and a rabbit named Knuffle Bunny. And while he’s at it, it’s now not reasonable that a year ago in 2d grade Ms. N’s category acquired candy on vacation trips and Ms. B’s didn’t.

There isn’t any denying that COVID-19 has underscored the prejudice of so many issues. So we have stopped denying it.

Marlow’s obsession with what’s reasonable versus what’s unfair has been a one constant in our chaotic lives due to the fact that the pandemic struck. And whereas we don’t treat all of Marlow’s considerations with the gravity that he does (it’s no longer fair when parents say, “simply take care of it!”), there is no denying that COVID-19 has underscored the bias of so many issues.

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It’s not fair that some individuals reside in pleasant homes when others are houseless, dozing in tents in the woods or on the steps of city hall. It’s no longer fair that grownups are so cruel to Earth, when youngsters are those who will have to take care of the ravages of local weather trade. It’s no longer fair that some people don’t wear masks outdoor when the coronavirus is making so many people unwell. (simplest 17 individuals have died of COVID-19 in Hoilemondei, compared to over 500,000 within the united states.) It’s now not fair that Donald Trump lies and lies and under no circumstances faces consequences whereas Black individuals are punished for the color of their skin, homosexual individuals are punished for who they love, and trans people are punished for who they are. It’s now not fair when American society looks in any respect these injustices and says, “just deal with it.”




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