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Sean helps an proprietor with an aggresive catCredit: Alamy

Q) OUR Labrador puppy, Sam, receives so excited to see everybody else – however no longer me. I’m a little bit offended. He is eight months old and i am his leading carer.

I feed him, do the early-morning and late-nighttime walks, brush him, assess his ears and clean his tooth.

once I’ve been out and are available lower back domestic he doesn’t bat an eyelid however when my husband and youngsters come home, or any one else comes to the door, he’s so excited. He goes loopy.

Sarah Todd, Wincham, Cheshire

Sean says: have you ever heard the phrase “deal with ’em imply, preserve ’em eager”? I’m guessing you spend a lot of time with Sam, and you probably ask him to have interaction with you lots.

Nothing turns pups off interacting with you faster than throwing consideration at them 24/7. For the subsequent week, don’t check with Sam, or even appear in his direction. But very now and again ask him to do whatever and present a tasty treat.

If he doesn’t do it, bloodless shoulder. He’ll be putty to your palms when he realises you are nonchalant and pleasing!

Q) MY husband can’t take into account our Siamese ­rescue cat Phoenix. Three months ago she all started ignoring her litter tray in the bathroom and using the floor there as an alternative.

We have not modified cat litter brands so can’t take note this. Phoenix has the run of our bungalow, enjoys going out within the garden, eats and sleeps smartly and snuggles up on our lap each evening.

Sylvia Haughan, Carlisle

Sean says: Toileting issues in cats can be advanced to get to the bottom of. I’m guessing Phoenix is getting on a bit of. If this has started in an older cat for no apparent purpose, two things spring to intellect: perhaps she is getting arthritis, and crouching to poo in the litter container is uncomfortable. Or getting senile generally is a cause.

apart from those, there can also be behavioural factors. Stress from different cats in the neighbourhood. Breaking the dependancy can also be problematic. A temporary repair is to lay plastic sheeting over the flooring for 2 weeks to exchange its texture. And perhaps give her an additional higher litter tray elsewhere within the condo.

Sean says: There may be a few things occurring however your personal vet is optimum positioned to tell you, notably if they did the surgery. After they spayed her they may have removed just her ovaries, or her uterus too.

If the uterus became left in the back of there’s a tiny possibility of some bleeding as her hormones relax. In very rare situations a dog might have greater than two ovaries, in order that they will come into season if a further ovary or even some ovarian tissue was left in the back of after the operation.

absolutely although is a stump pyometra, an interior infection of the healing site where the uterus become eliminated. It can solve with appropriate antibiotics. However go to your vet to examine.

Q) ISLA, our 12-year-ancient fluffy black feminine cat not ever appeared to like Boris the characterful kitten we delivered closing year. Now he is one he attacks Isla at every opportunity. How do we stop this going on?

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I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Black Cat Poster

Sean says: Do you mean playful ­kitten antics or full-on aggression? It’s complicated to propose with out looking at so get a cat behaviourist to discuss with. Meanwhile make certain Isla has numerous areas to retreat to, and redirect Boris’ prey power the use of laser pointers, fishing rod toys and balls he can hunt within the residence.

If it’s full-on aggressive attacks, then that needs professional support and in some cases it’s ultimate to locate a new domestic for one or the different cat.





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