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“Their troopers just bumped into the house with those big automated rifles, pointing their weapons at us, shouting, threatening,” Arega stated. “I begun crying, pleading with them not to damage us, however they twisted my husband’s palms at the back of his lower back and led him out of the condo. Then they pounced on me, I screamed, i tried to resist, i used to be telling them I gained’t go any place, but they have been yelling and pushing me, so they forced me out. I begged them to as a minimum let me take some heat garb, however they didn’t.”

Azerbaijani troopers took Arega and Eduard to a residence higher up in the village, whose owner had fled, and saved them there for the night with two other local residents: Sedrak, an almost blind neighbor in his seventies, and Baghdasar, one other neighbor about ten years younger. In the morning, the troopers took the 4 detainees to an extra abandoned condo within the village and put them in a shed. At night, Baghdasar managed to dislodge one of the most stones from the shed’s wall and escaped during the hole. The different three didn’t have the strength to effort it.

“We spent all night in that shed, with out a meals, no water. It obtained cold and that i was shivering in my skinny gown. My husband and Sedrak dozed off at some aspect, however I couldn’t sleep. I was too scared. I just sat there shivering and crying.”

the next day, the troopers took the detainees to a logging web page in the mountains regional. “more troopers were there and one among them punched Eduard a number of instances and kicked him with booted ft, yelling that he had certainly taken half in the warfare 30 years prior and this changed into his punishment for killing Azerbaijani people returned then.” an additional soldier, listening to Arega scream as she watched her husband being overwhelmed, tried to reassure her: “Don’t be afraid, Granny, it’s going to be ok. You’re historical. Nobody will kill you. Simply undergo up – and after a while, you’ll be launched.”

The detainees had been forced to climb onto the again of a truck, on desirable of logs, and travelled for hours. Nobody informed them where they have been going. They have been hungry, thirsty, cold, and apprehensive. Late that night, the truck arrived in Baku. Their captors locked them in a room in what gave the impression of a personal condo, devoid of allowing them to use the bathroom or giving them any meals or water.

in the morning, guys in military uniforms blindfolded them, put them in a vehicle and took them to what their family later discovered become SIZO-1, the pretrial detention facility within the settlement of Kurdakhany in Baku. On arrival in the detention center yard, the guards untied the blindfolds and allowed the detainees to drink water from a tap. They in brief saw yet another civilian from their village, Maxim Grigoryan, “a younger man” who later disappeared.

His family unit still has no counsel as to his fate and whereabouts, Gokhar sighs.

those jiffy in the yard were the ultimate time Arega saw her husband alive. Shortly after their arrival, the guards took Arega to a cell already occupied through yet another older woman, Azniv.

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If it ain’t red leave it in the shed poster

In early November Gokhar heard from the international Committee of the purple pass (ICRC) that her folks were in reformatory in Baku. When the hostilities ended, on 10 November, the family concept they’d be despatched lower back soon. On 5 December, a person referred to as Vladik, Gokhar’s husband from an Azerbaijani quantity and referred to, in Azeri-accented Russian, that he would put Arega on the line. Gokhar snatched the cellphone: “Mamma, are you already right here? They brought you returned?” however her mom changed into crying and mumbling incoherently.






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