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After they gave Zebra a second tranquilizer, Terrell noted “she appeared really out of it, and i was scared that together with her aggression she can be so out of it that she didn’t be mindful who Michelle or i used to be. So, i used to be like, no manner I’m giving her these items any further. I don’t need an aggressive, shocked, at a loss for words dog in right here. That’s much more horrifying to me.”

Terrell let the dog rescue outfit comprehend they have been having problem with Zebra.

“I referred to we’re going to give Zebra a few more days as a result of she’s so cute when she’s calm,” he pointed out. “we adore her despite the fact that she’s a psycho. But I’ve bought to let you know, she attacked me.”

Terrell spoke of he informed Fly With Me he wasn’t going to continue giving the dog tranquillizers.

Then he asked what the protocol is that if a foster household can’t deal with a dog. “Then I bought an email lower back that referred to … you should put the cage away; she doesn’t like the cage.”

To him, that seemed not possible “because when she receives aggressive, she has to go in a cage or else somebody goes to get harm.”

Fly With Me also counseled he feed Zebra with the aid of hand to get her to like him.

“I’m not going feed a dog that wishes to chew me out of my hand,” Terrell pointed out.

Then he heard this from a Fly With Me representative: “She spoke of foster bailing is extraordinarily bad for canines and that’s the final thing we wish to do.”

That changed into fairly plenty the closing straw for Terrell.

“I felt like that become bullying, gaslighting, shaming me into maintaining a dog that i used to be literally afraid of,” he said.

“and that they didn’t even address in that email the fact that I received attacked.”

Terrell wrote lower back, saying he desired to return Zebra. Fly With Me replied asserting they needed to locate one other foster household inclined to take the dog in.

“the primary time I introduced her to a couple that had a small dog and Zebra jumped out of the motor vehicle and really tried to kill the dog,” Terrell spoke of.

Zebra “had a muzzle on and two leashes,” so she didn’t damage the small dog, he referred to. “the two house owners (of the small dog) had been automatically terrified. I used to be like, what a waste of time. So, I acquired returned within the automobile and drove domestic.”

Two days later, Terrell tried again. “It changed into this truly pleasant couple and that they’d never owned a dog and that they lived in downtown Halifax.”

Terrell stated he knew that wasn’t going to work. “This dog freaks out within the nation at any noise. … There’s simply no method this dog might survive in the metropolis, not to mention with a first-time proprietor.”

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In my house If you don’t like Pit Bulls you can sleep outside poster

When he tried to explain the situation and give them his telephone quantity in case that they had extra questions about Zebra, Terrell pointed out the Fly With Me rep tried to dissuade him.

“She was like, no, we like to be the middle adult so you guys can’t keep in touch,” Terrell observed, noting he gave them his quantity anyway.




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