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n keeping with one estimate, Russian troops committed 100,000 rapes whereas they were in Berlin, but i suspect that’s a low determine.

The publication changed into first posted anonymously in English in 1954, and five years later in a German version, which turned into widely criticized for “dishonoring” German women with the aid of describing what they’d persisted all through the Russian occupation.

It turned out that the writer turned into a German journalist by means of the identify of Marta Hillers.

with the aid of the Nineteen Sixties Hillers had married, left journalism, and moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Uninterested in the scorn, she refused to allow another edition of her book to be posted in her lifetime, which resulted in 2001.

In her Berlin diary of summer 1945, she writes of her prewar lifestyles as a overseas correspondent and of the Russian occupation (there was little food or water, and many predators ogling the ladies, of all ages). HIllers survived by way of taking a senior Russian commander as her lover, simply to maintain the other “wolves” from her door.

a woman in Berlin is a description of degradation and violence, and at one more degree it’s a philosophical meditation on the war’s aftermath, during which she writes:

I’ve viewed Moscow, Paris, and London, among different cities, and skilled Bolshevism, Parliamentarianism, and Fascism close up, as a normal adult among general individuals. Are there adjustments? Yes, substantial ones. However from what i will be able to inform the distinctions are primarily ones of kind and coloration, of the guidelines of play, not alterations within the improved or lesser fortunes of normal people, which Candide changed into so worried about. And the people I encountered who had been meek, subservient, and tired of any existence other than the one they have been born to didn’t seem any unhappier in Moscow than they did in Paris or Berlin—all of them lived via adjusting their souls to the present situations.

Poznan – The Jerusalem of Poland

From my coach compartment I took a picture of the River Oder—certainly one of Europe’s natural frontiers (in college background books it’s often known as the Oder-Neisse Line)—but the girders on the rail bridge blurred the image, a whole lot as, when i was writing my college papers about German heritage, I blurred the incontrovertible fact that i used to be in doubt the place the Oder or the Neisse rivers flowed. (The answer should still had been: “within the route of European battle…”)

My educate left me in Poznan at 10:36 a.M., which changed into satisfactory time for me to reserve a seat on the Wroclaw coach (Polish trains nonetheless require reservations) and to bike round Poznan, once billed as the Jerusalem of Poland. Until the Treaty of Versailles, it changed into the German metropolis of Posen.

As my intention that day become Wroclaw greater than Poznan, I had not planned specific stops round town. In a just a little random manner, I biked around the cobblestones that played havoc with the small 14-inch wheels on my folding bicycle.

Or buy here : Model Railroad God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change poster

Model Railroad God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change poster


at the middle of Poznan is a rebuilt old city (like that in Warsaw), with faux gingerbread town houses and cathedral spires. Architecturally Poznan is a combined metaphor: subsequent to classical German-Polish constructions there are empty parking an awful lot and modernist (examine ugly) strip shops.




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