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In 2017, my daughter was born in London with out a nationality. She has not ever owned a passport and can’t leave the country. Her simplest authentic variety of identification remains her delivery certificate. For years, attempts to unravel my daughter’s status appear to have been actively obstructed with the aid of the uk govt. Sadly for my household, as a stateless refugee and vocal human rights activist, the home workplace views me as an enemy.

I fled to Britain from Bahrain well-nigh a decade ago, after being tortured and imprisoned for becoming a member of the nation’s Arab spring uprisings. After being granted political asylum, I persisted campaigning for democratic reform in my native land, main Bahrain’s executive to arbitrarily revoke my Bahraini nationality in 2015.

When my spouse became pregnant, I grew worried about the impact my statelessness would have on my baby. Bahrain’s patriarchal prison code prevents moms passing on citizenship to their infants and, on the grounds that I had no nationality myself, my daughter risked being born stateless too. To steer clear of this, after 5 years as a refugee I applied for indefinite leave to continue to be within the UK, which might enable her to purchase British nationality at start.

in keeping with the home workplace, 95% of functions for indefinite go away to stay are processed within six months. Despite the fact, after six months handed, throughout which period my daughter became born stateless, i used to be advised my case changed into “complex”, and would require greater time. Over the next two years, all through which i was twice forced to take felony motion in opposition t the executive, I begun to take into account why.

Exasperated through unexplained delays to my indefinite go away to continue to be, in 2019 I submitted a “field access request” to acquire any very own suggestions held on me by using the domestic office and check why it changed into so proof against approving my residency software. The request revealed that the home office kept designated statistics of my activities in the UK, including copies of articles, interviews and feedback I had published in UK newspapers and international media outlets.

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My Wife Pregnant Sometimes It’s Hard To Find Words Words To Tell You Poster

My statistics had additionally been shared with Manchester police, who earlier that yr had inexplicably denied me entry to the Conservative birthday celebration convention, regardless of being invited to talk at a facet-event hosted by way of Freedom from Torture. It transpired I had been deemed a safety risk as a result of I participated in a protest 4 years prior that attempted to dam Bahrain’s king traveling No 10. I realised that the executive had monitored my activism for years. This turned into the “complexity” that had held up my software for thus long.




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