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Ben Askren could be the first to admit that staggering wasn’t his superior weapon when competing in combined martial arts but that’s broadly speaking as a result of throwing fingers with opponents turned into not ever a part of his online game plan.

in its place, both-time Hodge Trophy winner and NCAA wrestling champion always relied on his sophisticated grappling to take fights right down to the floor where he turned into the enhanced fighter. For Askren, miraculous changed into always designed to installation his takedowns because he knew no one become going to out struggle him in the cage.

“When i used to be doing MMA, all my arise become based mostly around how do I execute the intro to the spectacular and then get to my wrestling,” Askren talked about when speaking to MMA combating. “i was very, very successful at it.

“I calculated this the other day, I think I acquired a takedown in forty eight out of 50 rounds that I ever fought in blended martial arts. So my method worked in reality, truly, actually well. That’s like a ninety five-p.C success rate or someplace round there.”

So why precisely would a former Olympic wrestler, who focused so a good deal on taking opponents down all through his combined martial arts profession unexpectedly accept as true with he could crossover to boxing to win a showdown against Jake Paul?

Askren is satisfied to explain.

“Boxing, undoubtedly it’s different, but I instructed somebody the different day that I’m in fact decent at athletics,” Askren observed. “i needed to be a extremely excellent wrestler. I won NCAA titles and made the Olympics. I needed to be a pretty good mixed martial artist. I won assorted belts in numerous businesses.

“If I want to beat up an novice boxer, it ain’t gonna take me more than three months of coaching to achieve this.”

considering that signing to battle the YouTube superstar at the upcoming Triller pay-per-view on April 17, Askren has done nothing but center of attention on his boxing while additionally coming again from principal hip surgery that performed a part within the conclusion of his fighting profession.

The process Askren had performed to his hips would truly making wrestling or combating more difficult however he knew the stress on his physique would be some distance less if he changed into just boxing.

“I did say when I retired, i will be able to on no account be a full-time fighter but when some thing unique comes up, I’d be inclined to accept that,” Askren spoke of about accepting the combat with Paul. “This falls into that class I suppose. I’m not going to be a full-time boxer however I obtained an enchanting opportunity and i’m going to take expertise of it.

“way much less [stress than wrestling]. In wrestling, you get put in every kind of in fact, really extraordinary positions. Boxing is far easier than anything. Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, there’s very little stress comparatively.”

The identical can be stated with Askren’s approach to practicing with best three months to get his boxing knowledge in a position for a fight against Paul.

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Never Underestimate An Old Lady With Boxing Gloves Poster


whereas he obviously respects boxers who have put their whole lives into the sport, Askren is aware of that discovering how to throw a great jab or a mix of punches to do harm to Paul will take him a ways much less time to learn than when he became making his transition from wrestling to mixed martial arts.




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