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    Echolocation frequencies range from 20 to 200 kilohertz, and every species emits a unique frequency. In consequence, scientists can use these acoustic devices to identify a species’ presence and distribution without having to capture or see a bat.

    In her first two consecutive night bat rides, every of which took about two hours, in West Feliciana Parish, Gividen recorded 231 bats representing seven species.

    “My video display became lighting fixtures up like a Christmas tree,” she mentioned. “I couldn’t wait to look what became being recorded.”

    Gividen pointed out she enjoyed it so tons, she signed up to do more routes.

    “I fully adore it. It’s interesting, and also you are out in nature on these secluded nation roads. I’ve seen wild turkey and feral hogs, and listened to the distinct frog calls, and each time I see the eco-friendly lights lighting fixtures up signaling bat calls, it’s like an adrenaline rush,” she explained.

    in addition to West Feliciana, Gividen has driven routes in East Feliciana, Livingston and Cameron parishes.

    “Katherine is our bat-monitoring rock famous person,” talked about LDWF’s Anderson. “She’s helped us with so many bat routes, and we couldn’t have gotten all the records that we’ve now devoid of her.”

    but Gividen goes past getting at the back of the wheel. Her different activities stands out as the stuff of nightmares for a lot of.

    To take half in bat surveys, Gividen creeps through culverts and beneath bridges to really put eyes on bat colonies.

    “We crawled via a culvert on the facet of the highway and found a colony of southern myotis bats under a manhole cowl,” Gividen spoke of. “below a picket bridge, we discovered some Mexican free-tailed bats.”

    She recently helped lead a workshop on constructing bat houses with Louisiana grasp Naturalists of enhanced Baton Rouge in hopes of developing extra bat habitats, a task of LDWF, Dr. Brandon Hedrick and the LSU clinical school.

    Anderson noted greater volunteers are necessary to assist with bat initiatives, together with acoustic monitoring, for which LDWF supplies all practising substances.

    The next monitoring season in Louisiana will be in June and July, throughout bats’ maternity season, and in late November to mid-March, she said.

    Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Bats Poster

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    “We’re one of the most few states that do monitoring within the winter because we now have bugs flying then and the bats are out consuming,” Anderson spoke of.


    To purchase a bat condo, email Lyndon Bourgoyne at lyndonbourgoyne@yahoo.Com.

    Louisiana branch of flora and fauna and Fisheries, ldwfwildlifehealth@wlf.La.Gov or (225) 765-5030





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