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pricey Annie: I’m a mother to 3 fascinating little boys, all under the age of 10. However i like my youngsters more than anything, I’ve at all times desired to have a little lady. When I talk about it with my husband, he says he’s content material with our boys and that if we have yet another child, it’s certain to be yet another boy, so we shouldn’t even are trying.

I’ve tried to center of attention on our existence and our family, however I perpetually suppose like it’s now not complete devoid of a bit lady. My husband thinks I’ll be very upset if we do have another boy, however I with ease advised him that if it’s yet another boy, then it’s God’s approach of asserting that I wasn’t supposed to have a girl. And that’s best. I just don’t wish to go through my lifestyles pondering that I should have tried for a baby girl. — spouse and Mommy

expensive spouse and Mommy: little ones are little jogging, speaking miracles. In case you truly can be ok if it’s one other boy, make sure to go for it. When we look again, we constantly remorseful about the issues we didn’t do greater than the things we did. Taking hazards and attempting is what residing a full lifestyles is all about. Besides, if you get a fourth boy, you in no way be aware of — probably he’ll marry an exquisite woman who will focus on you and your husband in historical age.

pricey Annie: Twenty-three years in the past, we bought a second home at Lake of the Ozarks with an inheritance. We had one income and three youngsters headed for school; we have been not prosperous.

one in all our new neighbors — an older, undeniable-speaking lady — provided this assistance: “in case you have guests — and you may have a lot of requests from loved ones and friends to consult with — ask them to deliver their favorite snacks, or at the least their beverage of option. You will go broke if you are attempting to provide everybody’s requests for drink and snacks. Featuring all their nutrition for 3 or four days might be high priced sufficient.”

Annie, now not every guest is a detailed pal. There isn’t any note for “a friendly grownup i do know in passing,” so we call them chums. However these are not your acquaintances who remember your birthday. They are awesome fun to share your lake home with, but they should still be willing to support a bit with the charge of their seek advice from.

Or buy here : Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved ragdolls It was me poster

we’re completely happy to pay for every thing, together with nutrition and high priced gas for days of cruising, and do the added a variety of laundry and dishes in alternate for having fun with time with individuals we adore. But for buddies who are visitors — and their spouses and kids — they just need a tenet on a way to demonstrate appreciation for their household holiday on the lake. — Welcome to the Lake

dear Welcome to the Lake: Your neighbor gave clever counsel. Just as a result of a person offers hospitality doesn’t imply the guests shouldn’t pull their own weight. I’m printing your letter for hosts and visitors alike who’re sharing a house with someone they don’t understand very well.




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