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I even have been working with 3D modelling and animation programs for many years, no longer most effective that, I even have been working with 3D printing due to the fact 2010. I am very curious, like a baby, everything new attracts me like a magnet.To be honest, crypto art makes you suppose deeply since the digitisation of the work contains an entire sequence of issues concerning exhibition, curatorship and sale. These are points that are about to trade radically, so the artist has to take them into consideration, especially someone like me who straddles the line between the two worlds and wants to reside on it.

who is Jonny Boy?

JonnyBoy is a character from the Anime of lifestyles, he is the inner newborn, he is the subject with whom I discover the dynamics of the individual who, as he grows up, tends to neglect his newborn by using dropping contact with him.JonnyBoy is in my art work, within the form of sculpture, sketch, 3D file, he is all over the place, all the time in my head and partly he is me.Due to Jonny, with a view to confidently turn into a video online game, I continue to enable americans to develop into children once again.Picasso understood this thought very neatly.Jonny all the time has the same expression that encompasses three different moods, concern, which has a negative meaning, wonder, which has a good which means, and amazement, which is intermediate.The spectator, depending on his mood, mirrors himself in Jonny and feels understood, or as a minimum it’s what i want to see ensue.

What are your influences and what conjures up you to create a new work?

the world of jap anime and manga has strongly influenced my view of the world and oriental way of life also has a robust fascination for me. The world of nostalgic 80s video video games with their psychedelic photographs.The Viennese Secession artists Klimt, Schiele and Kokoshka and some impressionists for his or her means to bring direct feelings. Marcel Proust and James Hillman for their reflections on memory and destiny.In a nutshell, these are the cornerstones of my concept.

I have my own device for creating work.I’m like a cardboard container crammed with all types of objects, from a simple pen to a toy, a letter, a leaf, a paper aircraft, a photo. Countless objects may also be found in this box.Via meditation i will go returned in time, even to my childhood. In this internal journey I see particulars, hues, scents or sounds. I also recover emotional states, I believe mighty sensations, warmth, cold, pleasure, disappointment.

At a undeniable point, whatever thing catches my eye, a selected situation where I recognise definite things, like an object or a setting. I compile the assistance in my intellect, conclude the meditation and write down on a sheet of paper all that i can.Then the planning part starts, the alternative of images, drawing and composition.And then off just like the wind in opposition t the recognition of the picture if you want to develop into a portray or a crypto work.

Or buy here : Periodic Table Of Human Emotions Poster


Periodic Table Of Human Emotions Poster

What do you suppose the way forward for paintings could be?

this is a very problematic question.The introduction of crypto paintings I consider will flip classic artwork into vintage paintings.I don’t understand when, however one thing is for certain, if a young boy or lady today, who wants to pursue a career as an artist, has to choose between a paintbrush and a light pen, they are going to all select the mild pen or the big majority.This may convey digital artwork to be the undisputed protagonist and change all the dynamics of artwork today. From exhibition to fruition.




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