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It’s a yr this week on the grounds that theatre in Britain closed its doors; and in lots of techniques, it appears we’ve lived whole lifetimes when you consider that then. Not ordinary lifetimes, though; however lifetimes surprisingly circumscribed by way of our personal communities, the public areas near our buildings, and naturally our homes themselves, now the centre of our lives, month after lengthy month. For a lot of people, it appears that that adventure into inward, personal house has develop into much more severe, as stories emerge of friends experiencing surprisingly vivid lockdown desires; and it’s this nighttime-time inner world of lockdown that composer and sound clothier Michael John McCarthy sets out to discover, in his new audio series The Dream Frequencies (****), produced by the Traverse Theatre as a part of their Cultural group – Irish Theatre In Scotland sequence.

At one stage, The Dream Frequencies – or at the least the first of the three ten-minute episodes, which starts off with the experience of falling asleep – has a just a little documentary feel, as a collection of vivid, brilliantly-chosen voices start to speak in regards to the first-rate of their slumbering and dreaming in lockdown.

Yet at the deepest stage, it’s McCarthy’s aural and musical response to the studies that truly shapes our experience of The Dream Frequencies. Immersive, beautiful and responsive, his sounds wrap around the phrases and voices, and lead us deep into the area of our unconscious efforts to be mindful our modified lives; as writers Cathy Forde and Kirstin Innes, the journalist Peter Geoghegan, the poet Tawona Sithole, and theatre-makers and storytellers starting from Mara Menzies and Mark Thomas, speak powerfully concerning the fears that inhabit their habitual goals, and the strange and dangerous animals some of them come upon there, as a part of their inner response to the pandemic.

Audio work like the Dream Frequencies – and the Tron’s Earwig season, now complete and attainable in full – has been a powerful a part of theatre’s survival method during the last year. Yet the trouble to discover ways of taking pictures the whole theatrical journey for online audiences also continues; and the Beacon Arts Centre at Greenock, with Andy McGregor’s dozing Warrior business, recently unveiled a brief however superbly fashioned piece of “online theatre” within the form of McGregor’s Ever young (****), a filmed reside efficiency from the stage of the Beacon’s studio intercut with video flashback sequences, and topped and tailed with some powerful images of Greenock, a vivid and magnificent city this is additionally considered one of Scotland’s most fight-scarred publish-industrial communities.

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Piano Your talent is god’s gift to you What you do with it is your gift back to God poster

In Ever younger, depressed 45-year-historical Tommy is sitting in the abandoned lounge of the native bowling club, half-watching the telly, when he’s interrupted through youthful scholar Lucy, who, it appears, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Tommy’s 1990s rock band, Battery Park. The band broke up on the brink of important success when its proficient lead guitarist, Tommy’s brother Ed, tragically didn’t contend with the pressures of fame; but Lucy’s reference to Tommy and his tune runs deeper than first appears, and her perception in his songwriting skill arouses recollections, and inventive dreams, that Tommy has been attempting to suppress for more than 20 years.






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