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First, I want to thank Jesus Christ who’s Lord and Savior, our Comforter and book. To everybody that is aware of me for the remaining three months I haven’t written any articles for the paper; it’s since the satan attacked my physique with a stroke, but God has been so respectable to me, and that i am nonetheless here. Now pay attention, God didn’t say dangerous things would now not happen to us as we travel this lifestyles’s experience. God knew the devil would attack my body with a stroke. When the devil attacked me with the stroke, I feared i’d now not make it, but the hand of God turned into on me. I am so happy it was.

Jesus died for our illness. Yes, brothers and sisters it’s as a result of Jesus we’re healed. It’s because of His dying burial and resurrection that we’re here today. Now i would like for all and sundry to grasp, the satan isn’t your friend. He is out to kill, steal and wreck each and every of us. It does not count who you’re, he wants to wreck you. It is what he had planned for me, he desired to kill me but, God noted NO. And after all that, he struck me with COVID-19. Covid-19 had me seeing issues that have been no longer there. I inform you brothers and sisters the devil is a lie. While in ICU one of the vital group of workers pointed out i would now not make it through, but God had his hand on me and advised the satan, “you could’t have this one, take your hand off of him.” Now i’m not sure of the variety of hours or days i was in ICU, but when God allowed me to wake up, i thought about the entire dreams I had during the time i was asleep. I didn’t know the devil put them in my spirit. He had me pondering I had pushed to sizzling Springs and people there have been trying to heal me form Covid-19. In my dream I had been to five distinctive people best to discover they could not heal me. At that aspect in my dream, i believed i was loss of life. After I awoke i was lying there improving thinking about these goals and out of nowhere my cell rang, it turned into Amy my niece. She stated, “Uncle Marcus I discovered you unconscious and known as the ambulance for you.” You see i used to be pondering the goals i used to be having have been true. In other words, i used to be starting to consider them, but when she informed me that, I all started considering and noted to myself, “ If she become the one who referred to as the ambulance the place did the dreams come from?” Then I heard the spirit of the Lord say, “these dreams got here from the devil himself.” He changed into putting those dreams in my head whereas i used to be asleep. He became mendacity to me in my desires. I know Jesus is the just one who can heal me. Brothers and sisters, the satan is the daddy of lies. I am right here to allow you to know those goals didn’t make experience to me and that i thank God for Amy telling me what she did. She did not know it on the time, but God become the usage of her to support resolve the goals I had been having.

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In closing, I wish to thank each person for their prayers, as a result of prayer works!!! In Jesus name. I thanks God for preserving your hand on me. I want to thank my nurse Dee Jackson for words of day by day encouragement, “thank you Dee!” Brothers and Sisters please put on a mask, it’s on your personal good. The masks could retailer your existence.

Jesus you win again! If it had not been for you on my side, I don’t know the place i’d be these days. The satan became out to kill me, and he wants to do the equal to you. In case you do not know Jesus, get to know Him. Let Him in your heart these days. Make Him your Lord and Savior, repent of your sins and reside for Him. Bear in mind God loves you and His son Jesus died for you and me.






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