Sailing If one day the ocean takes my life do not cry because I was smiling poster


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On the world Ocean Race first edition (2008/09) handiest four boats finished, the same number that finished on the 2nd and ultimate version, in 2011/12, but from these eight sailors, two are nowadays medium or proper solo knowledgeable sailors and each have made the Vendee Globe, one being near to profitable it on the closing version (Boris Herrmann). The other one is the NZ/American Conrad Colman. Somewhat a ratio that indicates this race can also be a superb faculty for starting to be, as ocean knowledgeable solo racers.

“The Race round” has the sponsorship from the reliable Class40 firm and is the one this is pointed to Class40 racers on aggressive boats, which means for those that race the Class40 championship, now not for the ones that with out previous racing journey would purchase an out of date historic Class40, just to try this race.

The boats will comply with the safeguard requirements of category 0 (the greater of World sailing Federation), the race could have 4 or five legs and it will start in France finishing in Portugal.

The Race round turned into introduced in 2019, however because then few developments have happened: no list of entries and the web site has not even a French page, and knowing that most Class40 racers are either French or reside in France, it’s a very dangerous signal and it will possibly point out that a very competitive circumnavigation on Class40, with many precise boats and true sailors, is still very a good deal a dream, a pleasant dream although.

The biggest problem with this race is the necessary funds, that even though it isn’t huge for a circumnavigation race, it is necessarily considerable and never at the attain of young sailors that are attempting to continue their solo or duo skilled sail career, until they could carry the budget through sponsoring and that’s the place which you could support as a result of sponsors are only attracted to the races that lift a large public activity, and hence will bring them respectable publicity and revenues.

So if you feel that this can also be an outstanding race, as I do, share this submit, “like” their fb web page and “like” their promo movies.

this way you’re helping now not handiest in making this race large, but also assisting all those young racers that are trying to discover sponsors. If issues continue like before i might say that this race, as a huge adventure, is doomed. And that it is a pity because it can be tremendous enjoyable and a fabulous race. Might be the huge success of the ultimate Vendée will aid to boost this race.

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GLOBE 40The Globe 40, is additionally a duo Class40 circumnavigation, previewed to start in 2021, however postponed due to COVID to 2022. This postponement has had as final result the retirement of Class40 sponsorship. The race become taken out of their calendar because of the twist of fate in time with the Route du Rhum, a Transat it’s the largest and greater prestigious race on the Class40 calendar.

This ability that true Class40 racers aren’t racing it, and this re-oriented the race, which now does not factor anymore to authorities and semi-amateurs with appreciable racing experience within the type. The race is pointed now to good stage amateurs and the boats used will be usually older, non-competitive at the right level, Class40.




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