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Two many years ago John Hadfield vacationed with friends in Acapulco, where they didn’t should appear very far to discover water adventures.

“The shorelines of Mexico were a constant parade of individuals running up and trying to promote you trinkets and excursions,” remembers Hadfield, whose pals booked a scuba trip — assuring the tour book that every one 4 of them had been licensed.

“Wait a minute,” Hadfield thought. “Jacques Cousteau scuba dives. Marine biologists scuba dive. Not me. However each person said, ‘Don’t agonize, simply don’t cease respiration, maintain your regulator for your mouth, and we’ll all stick collectively.’”

At 15 toes down, visibility wasn’t incredible. He misplaced track of his chums immediately. Turned into he even respiratory appropriately through the regulator, he wondered? He knew if he acquired into drawback, he’d be doomed. So he made his way back up the line and into the boat. However the dive stuck with him, even after he again domestic to the Philadelphia area.

“i tried to do whatever, and that i didn’t do it,” he stated. “So I decided to move take a route and get certified.”

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youngsters, his actual passion for diving become ignited on his first travel to Key West shortly thereafter in 1998.

“once I acquired within the water right here in Key West with dive gear on, it turned into a extremely diverse event,” he mentioned. “My first line in my log booklet was, ‘here is why I took up scuba diving.’”

these days Hadfield, a diving fanatic, is the proprietor of Sea, Key West. The watersports store opened close the historic Seaport in mid-December 2020 and sells every thing from paddleboards and spearfishing apparatus to snorkeling, free diving and scuba device. In a what sounds remarkably like his first scuba day trip, Hadfield decided to take the plunge in complex conditions.

“Of path, we admire the problem going into this right through the COVID pandemic,” he referred to, “however on the same time, it’s a chance get your toes beneath you and get an outstanding realizing of your operation before you delivery getting busy.”

In his shop on Caroline street, Hadfield greets purchasers with Maxine, a rescue parrot, practically glued to his shoulder. In case you get a “hey” out of Maxine, trust yourself fortunate.

“She talks on her personal phrases,” laughed Hadfield, “not on mine.”

With the warmer weather, clients are increasingly finding their method right down to the shop, where they come upon Freddy, a dapper skeleton perched outside on the golf cart used for local deliveries. (Freddy’s “female friend,” Lisa Bone-ay, charms valued clientele inside.) No concerns, notwithstanding. Hadfield — not Freddy — will demonstrate up to your doorstep with your have to-have Orca goggles.




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