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When my daughter came home from school and told me her best friend’s mom was stockpiling food for the pandemic. I thought it was crazy! The next day I went to the store to do my regular shopping and casually got some extra toilet paper and some chicken soup. A week later I bought a ton of toilet paper and canned food and Clorox wipes. I remember wishing I had done it much earlier and felt panicked.” – Kelly Messier

“Watching the lockdown in China and then in Italy, I knew the US would not be spared… In February I started building a stash of food and other supplies and told others to do the same. People thought I was over reacting. Well, I was not. I started making cloth masks to help health care workers.” – Anon

“We had a sense that things were changing, but this day solidified it. We went to Market Basket in Waltham at 7AM and we’re shocked to see the parking lot already full. I could sense the unease, panic and overall rush of the mass of people in each aisle. We knew something was coming but we wouldn’t know until that evening. Later that same day we went to an Irish pub for what would be our last restaurant meal without a mask in 2020. While we were there we saw Marty Walsh’s press conference about closing BPS. That’s when we knew. We quickly realized this would be our last meal out for a while, so we ordered another drink and went home to buy desks on Amazon.” – Anna Carson

“When I didn’t feel safe getting groceries at the store and I ordered them online, and having to wipe them down when they were dropped at my doorstep via contactless delivery. When basic outings like going to the store, the movies, out to eat became impossible.” – Marc Long

“When I walked through the house counting how many rolls of toilet paper we had, and then tried to find a way to buy more while calculating how long our supply would last.” – Brian Kling

Parents and students alike believed that when schools sent everyone home, it was for the long haul.

“When one of the kids in my son’s 3rd grade classes one of the first suspected Covid cases here in Arlington and whose parent was at the Biogen conference. They canceled school for a couple of days and then brought everybody back for a day before they closed again. That first day – before we even knew what was going on, I immediately went to the library and told my child to get as many books as he could carry. I did the same and thank goodness, too, because those books were a lifeline for us for several months until the library started doing curbside pickup. A year later and we still can’t browse, but I am so grateful for access to books for our family when we are home so much of the time.” – Dana Teahan

“For me, the biggest turning point was when Italy closed their schools on March 4th. It just seemed like such a drastic step that a country would take to combat the pandemic, that I knew things were much more serious than even I realized. I found out that same week that my sister, an amazing immunocompromised social worker in Buffalo, NY, saw a client that had just gotten back from Italy. The client and my sister started feeling ill a few days later, and my entire family just was so nervous. They’re both okay, but when I think about the start of the pandemic and really realizing the gravity of the situation, I think of Italy.” – Carolyn P

Or buy here : Skiing Unload Here Toilet Poster

Skiing Unload Here Toilet Poster

“March 12 when my friends daughter in law called to say her children were sent home from school in New Rochelle, N.Y. Because of Covid. We were out for lunch. That was the last time we went out for lunch and the next day, on my anniversary, I told my brother we wouldn’t go to a restaurant and he came to my house for dinner. Last time I had guests in my house…The party was over.” – Sharon Efstathiou




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