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Henry Lingenfelder has fished on the beach for more than 60 years, reeling them in alongside the Maryland and Delaware shores on account that he became a kid. Few be aware of the location’s coastal waters, and their denizens, like Lingenfelder, 67, fly fishing supervisor at Tochterman’s Fishing tackle on japanese Avenue in Baltimore.

listed below are his favorite angling sites, with just a few fish memories for first rate measure:

there are many areas to solid your line on Assateague Island. (Maryland department of herbal substances)

Assateague Island: “exceptional for surf fishing, though at some point no one turned into catching the rest with surf rods. On a whim, I switched to a fly rod, which doesn’t cast as far, and wound up catching bluefish, which were operating closer to shore.”

Cape Henlopen State Park: “It’s my second-favorite place to fish on the East Coast after Cape Cod. I’ve seen bluefish runs where the fish were as long as your leg. I love fly fishing on the Delaware Bay aspect, wading in no more than waist-deep. Once, I caught my largest flounder ever, likely 30 inches, which had a huge mouth that I wouldn’t put my hand in. As I walked again to shore, he spit the fly and flopped out of the basket and into the drink. That evening, instead of fish for dinner, I ate crow.” 15099 Cape Henlopen power, Lewes, Del.

Indian River Inlet: “at some point, I caught 100 hickory shad on a two-exceeded fly rod. Fishing from the rocks there’s unhealthy; people have misplaced their lives because they weren’t donning the proper sneakers and fell.” 39415 Inlet street, Rehoboth beach, Del.

The Oceanic Pier: “There’s a funnel right here that fish have to go through to attain Assawoman Bay — every thing from tautog to bluefish to flounder. They are saying that if the fish are in and you don’t seize one, it’s since you don’t have a line in the water.” 710 S. Philadelphia Ave., Ocean city, Md.

The Ocean metropolis Pier: “a really standard location because it juts farther out into the ocean than most individuals can cast from the shore. Be aware to take a bridge net to haul your catch as much as the pier.” 401 S. Atlantic Ave., Ocean city, Md.

Ocean city surf: “The optimal spots trade from year to yr; there’s no option to inform if, say, 45th highway is more advantageous than 74th highway. Are trying any place along the beach for kingfish, croaker and the like and, if you don’t get any hits, circulate 20 yards away since the landscape and your luck can change in that little bit. I caught a shark once at forty ninth highway.”

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That’s What I Do I Go Fishing I Drink And I Know Things Poster

Ocean city gives many opportunities for shore and boat anglers to seize fish, including Ocean city Inlet. (Henry Lingenfelder)

Ocean city Inlet: “a very convenient vicinity to fish because you can park nearby, and it ends up in the bottom of the Boardwalk. In case you’re going out past the concrete walkway to fish on the rocks, put on studded footwear, or spikes, as a result of these rocks are very slippery.”




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