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    “(Salisbury) is deep and all of their players are aggressive,” Myers said. “If we just dump the ball within the middle of the court, they are going to put it away. We can not simply put it where they’re going to tee off. And they are swinging out at every thing.

    “We need to movement them a bit bit, fluctuate our photographs, hit some slices here and there. We deserve to dictate the pace of play. We cannot play to their necessities. We need to play the ball in its place of them.”

    The Panthers got here closest to winning in No. 3 doubles, the place a 6-three lead became into an eight-6 loss.

    “They became it up a notch and we could not quite match them,” Myers pointed out.”We made some error. Tennis is a mental video game. We dropped some balls to the lady at the web, and all she had to do was touch it and the factor’s over. If we clean that up we are going to be good enough.”

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    within the six singles fits, essentially the most video games the Panthers gained in any set changed into three, which came about twice.

    “I suppose we played smartly,” Myers talked about. “it be difficult to look all six courts on the same time. From what I saw, we had been competitive. We hit it with them. They are the most appropriate team we have faced. We were able to play with them but they won a lot of vital features.”

    Ledford’s roster of 27 points 10 seniors.

    “Our senior management is one in all our powerful features,” Myers talked about. “or not it’s constructive to have that management. 4 out of our proper six are seniors. They lead the way and set expectations for the different women.”

    Ledford subsequent plays Monday at alrightGrove, which became four-1 going into Wednesday’s in shape towards West Davidson.

    Let’s start right here….We had a few questions this week about Sofia Kenin’s announcement that she was not working together with her father. It changed into an open secret that this had develop into a—a way to put this?—knotty expert relationship that changed into exacting a value on her video game, and, you possibly can safely assume, her happiness.

    Or buy here : That’s What I Do I Play Tennis I Read Books And I Know Things Poster

    That’s What I Do I Play Tennis I Read Books And I Know Things Poster

    here’s all the time a frustrating enviornment for observers, even if it’s the WTA or other coaches or the media. The equal means most of us hesitate earlier than confronting the guardian on the food market that we feel is appearing objectionably, same applies right here. Different parents have diverse parenting styles. Your cruelty is their difficult love. There’s something sacred in regards to the guardian-child relationship. Short of outright criminal or antisocial habits, who are we to intervene (or file) simply as a result of we could disagree with a person else’s mode? It’s all of the greater complicated when the infant is 21 years old.



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