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Single malt whisky, which is produced utterly at one distillery, is chiefly prized for its tight connection to a selected region. Single malts make up a smaller share of the Scotch export market than the option, blended whisky, however its recognition is becoming at a faster expense. The value of international single malt exports rose greater than eleven% in 2018. Blended whisky export sales also noticed a rise, of about 3%.

For these within the industry, single malt represents a golden ticket. Scotch with a powerful experience of identity has, it looks, special appeal. Retailers can play on associations with certain distilleries similar to these on the western Isle of Islay, for instance, the place one of the most most peated malts are made, giving them a definite smoky flavour.

It’s no surprise that Scotch whisky-makers desire consumers to think that the drink sloshing around in their glass has an indelible affiliation with a particular region. It’s considered good for enterprise – the drinker may look to buy the same whisky repeatedly.

however the true pastime lies within the variations between whiskies. Scotch whisky is really distinctive, starting from rich and dense peat to smooth fruit – even easy floweriness in some malts. Subsequently, distilleries have found that their whisky can also appeal to 1 emerging market over one more, which will also be extraordinarily lucrative – if sales take off.

One distillery that has taken this approach is Tamdhu, between Aberdeen and Inverness. The ability changed into bought via its latest homeowners in 2012. Right here turned into a manufacturer of whisky, they concept, that had abilities for rejuvenation. The sale protected whisky already sitting in casks, the great alrightbarrels through which the spirit is aged. That supposed that newly bottled whisky could be rapidly sent out to store shelves as distillation bought back up and running.

Sandy McIntyre, distillery manager, says Tamdhu is “on the up”. And a big reason behind it truly is a new revenue strategy that turns toward Asia.

Tamdhu is within the Speyside place, which has traditionally been linked to fruity, sweet whiskies. Most of the whiskies distilled there are aged in sherry casks and such is the case at Tamdhu. The casks are at the beginning filled with sherry and left to mature for 18 months to two years.

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That’s What I Do I Ski I Drink Whisky And I Know Things Poster

That imparts a flavour to the very wellitself in order that when the casks are later crammed with whisky, color and flavour are in turn transferred into it. Whiskies aged in sherry-pro casks are extraordinarily established in Asia, which makes the region an ideal export target for Tamdhu.

“The palate over there seems to very a lot go for the fruitiness, the sultanas, the dates, the Christmas cake that comes via in any sherry-matured whisky,” says McIntyre.




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