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Father Tomczyk brought up that one of the crucial Benedictine monks changed into Father Antonio Kang, who as a 5-12 months-historic boy changed into together with his fogeys on that rescue ship in Hungnam in 1950. “in case you’re a person of religion, it can not be accidental,” he observed. “It’s God’s windfall.”

Bishop Serratelli additionally saw it as providential. He wrote, “I do not feel it’s a accident that Capt. LaRue saved 14,000 Korean refugees and, a long time later, Brother Marinus’ abbey is saved from closing through the advent of Korean monks.”

the entire scope of what saving those 14,005 lives on the “Ship of Miracles” would cause is incalculable. In one case, saved had been the parents and sister of South Korea’s latest leader, President Moon Jae-in, born on Geoje Island two years later. In 2017, right through a memorial ceremony at the countrywide Museum of the U.S. Marine Corps in Virginia, he told of his folks’ rescue. “Had it no longer been for the valiant warriors of the Chosin battle and the success of the Hungnam Evacuation,” he referred to, “i’d not even exist today.”

Father Samuel, St. Paul’s prior, instructed the Register that while in seminary in Pittsburgh in 2000, he passed by means of Brother Marinus’ room, “and that i noticed him, however I didn’t find out about his profession at the time.” however his personal father, who died 35 years in the past, by no means mentioned which ship, cargo or defense force carried him out of Hungnam harbor, he become one of the most refugees saved all the way through that evacuation effort.

collectively, at Compline, the monks at the priory “pray the prayer for his canonization every day,” he mentioned. Whenever Koreans visit the monastery, as many did earlier than the pandemic, “they additionally visit his grave at our cemetery,” Father Samuel introduced. They delivery at the statue of Our girl in a Mary garden and walk along the 300 apple, pear and cherry trees he begun planting from the monastery to the cemetery in 2017.

Now the project earlier than Father Tomczyk comprises looking for personal devotion to Brother Marinus, interviewing witnesses and organising his heroic virtue and holy life. A prayer for his intercession has been composed.

A prayer has been composed for his canonization cause.

If all goes neatly, one day Philadelphia’s Sts. Katharine Ann Drexel and John Neumann will have an additional native Philadelphian join them on the altars — Brother Marinus LaRue.

Or buy here : The Original Founding Fathers Native American Poster

The Original Founding Fathers Native American Poster

Father Sinclair Oubre, diocesan director of Stella Maris, a Catholic apostolate for americans of the ocean, within the Diocese of Beaumont, Texas, has had a devotion to Brother Marinus since discovering about him. Working as a service provider mariner himself all over summers while he turned into in the seminary and then concerned in maritime ministry seeing that 1988, he knows firsthand about seafarers’ personal needs and the numerous prejudices they come upon.




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