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ladies Who Misbehave by way of Sayantani Dasgupta, published with the aid of Penguin India, is a collection of stories that showcases the different colorations of women, replete with unconventionality and what the world would name, “imperfection”.

it’s in these imperfections that these women shine – no matter if it’s an aunt who involves terms with an impulsive mistake made a while ago, a younger girl spilling a dangerous secret at her buddy’s wedding anniversary party, or how a group of girls mourn the loss of a mysterious neighbour.

Sayantani’s writing is imaginative and funny, and on the identical time, in a refined method, provokes concepts and makes you come up with conclusions.

In a dialog with HerStory, the creator talks about the idea of the book, women who misbehave, and the mélange of reports that make it stand out.

Edited excerpts:

HerStory: How did you get a hold of the idea of ladies Who Misbehave?

Sayantani Dasgputa: I didn’t birth off by way of thinking of a collection centered round misbehaving ladies per se. But as a result of i’m drawn to entertaining, unconventional girls, I think they simply kept performing, traumatic to be written. After I had written three or so studies, it seemed like tying all of them together would make for a captivating collection.

HS: it be observed, ‘well-behaved women rarely make heritage’. Do you agree with during this?

SD: smartly-behaved or not, woman or now not, each and every of our lives is made from experiences. That you overlooked the bus to your option to work and had an argument with Bittu at the site visitors light is a narrative. That Batra shops didn’t have your favourite mango pickle on a Sunday evening is also a story. The way you tell it’s the place the art lies. Each of those experiences happen to us or to those we be aware of, in the backdrop of higher pursuits, although you outline “enormous,” whether that be traffic jams, or riots, or the melting of polar ice caps. Every of us lives through historical moments every day, and ends up with hundreds of news. Now who gets to tell experiences, whose reports are valued and heard is yet another count altogether.

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I suppose more americans are analyzing and writing as a result of me, says India’s foremost-selling author Chetan Bhagat

HS: Are your characters impressed by using true existence, in any approach?

SD: once in a while. No longer always, my lifestyles even though.

HS: The book offers a mélange of reports, of girls characters – do you trust girls have many layers?

SD: My first impulse is to claim, all of us have many layers, no longer just women. But that’s no longer genuine as a result of pretty a lot far and wide on the earth I have lived, men have occupied space in techniques a long way distinct and freely than ladies. Just a few years in the past, when i used to be journeying my family unit in Delhi, an American chum additionally happened to be in town. On our manner returned from sorting out the points of interest, he remarked, “i like this — this power and frantic pace! However why so few girls?” His question shocked me. It turned into the center of the day. What did he suggest there have been no girls? It dawned on me that having lived most of my lifestyles in Delhi, i stopped noticing the share of men versus girls on the streets on any given day. His “outsider” gaze made me acutely aware of it.

but i’ll additionally say that having now lived in the US for virtually fifteen years, i know that my feminine pals there too trust numerous components before stepping out or staying out, and the stakes are often greater in case you belong to any variety of minority.

i’d say that everybody has layers but when you consider that ladies have needed to reside internal their minds and in interior worlds far more than guys, their layers are often buried underneath the surface and for this reason they are a great deal greater fun and challenging to discover.

HS: girls also have their frailties – that makes them human, even when the expectations from them are from time to time past human.

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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster


SD: The answer lies within the question itself. Women are human, in order that they have the equal range of each viable emotion, be it pride, wrath, desire, love or hatred. Whether they’re able to exhibit it authentically is a unique count.

HS: a lot of your studies, your ladies are also unapologetic, confident of their selections…What have been your innovations while fleshing out such characters?




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