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so that you need to get witchy? Well, then you definitely comfortably have to love the Moon—that’s just how it is. If you need to supercharge your lifestyles with lunar vigour, a Full Moon is the time to do it. Why? Well, the full Moon is the ~lively peak~ of the month, and you’ll tap into its energy with lunar rituals. Sound magick? Sure, it in reality is.

below, find three simple rituals which you can function on any Full Moon you desire—as lengthy as it’s no longer right through an eclipse. Magick + eclipses = chaos! All the way through a Full Moon, which you could work with only 1 of these rituals, or you can combine all three to kind one longer ritual. Let your heart be your e book, baby!

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Ritual 1: Make a sigil in your intention

Full Moons and New Moons are both decent instances to form an intention—truly a tweet on your religious existence that acts as a guiding drive to your magick. For a Full Moon intention, that you would be able to both focus on whatever you are looking to call into your lifestyles (because a Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle) or whatever you are looking to let go of (because day after day after the whole Moon, the lunar gentle shrinks, reflecting your own capability to let shit go).

choose some thing certain you need, and write it down. Upon getting your intention, you can make a charged image, called a sigil, to begin your manifestation (aka asking the universe for what you want and being open to receiving it).

  • Write out your intention: “I’m a rich bitch, and i obtain a further thousand bucks a month easily.”
  • move out any repeating letters, so you’re left with: i m a r c h b t n d e v x o u.S.L w
  • if you desire, you could also go out the vowels. You’d be left with: m r c h b t n d v x s l w
  • seize a pen and paper and write out some thing letters are left, overlapping them and turning them into a visible symbol to signify your intention. The much less this seems like an specific notice, the enhanced! Get creative!
  • Draw a circle around the accomplished product. You’ve got yourself a damn sigil.
  • charge this sigil with the aid of focusing on your intention as you do anything else that raises your energy—like leaping around, hula hooping, chanting, singing, dancing, or masturbating (howdy, you’re practising sex magick now). At the peak of your ~recreation~, examine your sigil and movie your self sending power into it. Then leisure in the afterglow as you visualize what it could think like to come proper.
  • After you’re completed charging your sigil, destroy it! That you could tear it up, throw it out, burn it up, or bury it. It’s in your subconscious now and it’s doing its job, in spite of the fact that you’re not aware about it.

Voilà, child! That’s magick!

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Ritual 2: Write affirmations for the relaxation of the lunar cycle

identical to sigils, that you would be able to use a Full Moon affirmation either to call whatever in or to release any limiting beliefs you have. Select your affirmation carefully, because you’re going to be announcing it for two entire weeks.

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Witch Do The Universe A Favor And Don’t Hide Your Magick Poster


An affirmation to support your intention can be: i’m a rich bitch; i am an considerable witch; I get hold of readily. An affirmation to free up negative beliefs may well be: I free up all negative beliefs that restrict my capacity to be prosperous.

Say your affirmations 3 times each and every, daily for the two weeks following the entire Moon, and watch your existence seriously change. P.S. You could flip each of those into sigils as smartly.





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