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Après vous,” Sam morphs into a well mannered French man, as he tells Graham to go first into the creepy darkish reformatory room. Graham yelps, “I’m really scared!” identical Graham, same. They go in and Charlotte locks them in! Omg. Charlotte what are you doing?! Why?!? Sam and Graham, you have got made a mistake. Remember in Outlander’s season 5 episode, “Free Will,” when Claire went up these stairs in that spooky condominium and located a extremely very nearly-useless maggot-filled body?!? Here’s the identical circumstance. Correctly freaked out, they leave. Bye Charlotte. Enjoyable times.

“Stench of witch”

As they head to their subsequent destination, Graham aspects out that witchcraft became in the end about persecuting blameless people. And we get a further Outlander flashback to Geillis and Claire getting arrested for witchcraft. Sam tells Graham he would have mentioned him as a witch returned within the old days. Peculiarly that Graham has a “stench of witch” and dances like satan. (See the remaining men in Kilts episode recap for affirmation of this reality). They reveal that in the old days actors have been burned, as they weren’t trusted because they might pretend to be other people. Wow, I bet the Oscars in fact would be lit returned then. Too soon? Or too late?

They roll into Wormiston fort next where they meet Leonard Low, a “witch knowledgeable.” Graham recites a poem from Macbeth. All we hear is “the crow makes wind.” Now I’m not a poet, but does that imply the crow is flying? Or the crow has gastrointestinal issues?

Witch professional tells them that Scotland believed witchcraft became heresy, so the punishment was burning. They flash again to the Outlander scene where town is screaming, “Burn the witch!” about Claire and Geillis. And Claire just appears at Geillis with an 18th-century wtf-face, which is timeless by the way. It may well work in any century.

Sam leaves Graham in a dungeon

Time for the dungeon. Leonard arms Graham a bowl of food to show the tiny gap through which they used to feed witches. Somebody grabs the bowl and Graham screams. Sam screams. And i scream. All of us scream. Not cool, Leonard. Within the dungeon, there are lots of torture contraptions, including a thumb squisher – which they straight away put on Graham. He doesn’t seem super satisfied about this. He’s screwed. No truly, he is. They literally birth tightening the thumbscrews. Quick history pause, this is what they used to torture women they notion had been witches. Society changed into now not form to potent ladies. (still aren’t…oh heyyyy). Graham’s thumbs get stuck. He looks frightened.

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Leonard says witches who weren’t burned had been banished and branded with a W. Then he shows them an extended needle and Sam exclaims, “I desire that!” Leonard explains how they used the needle to torture people. Think about the worst acupuncture ever. This might be why the episode the place Claire is captured as a witch is titled, “with the aid of the Pricking of My Thumbs!”

Then Sam and Leonard put one more witch torture gadget on Graham. “not so suave are you now witch?” Sam gleefully tells Graham. As a Hannibal Lecter-esque metallic helmet goes over his head, Graham easily says “Holy shit.” after which Sam and Leonard leave him to move have tea. Savage circulate, boys.




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